Our dedicated team translates complex ideas into simple plans. We create entertaining posts, engaging activities and memorable moments — across film, television and live performance.

Entertainment has the power to connect and inspire people. It is this belief and our lifelong passion for film and television that fuels Mass Impressions. The desire to share our experience and to create shared experiences.

We founded Mass Impressions in 2011 with three goals, which still hold true today: to make processes simple and transparent; to deliver clear results instead of yet another meeting; and never to lose sight of the fun.

To us, it’s about who, not what. Quality, not quantity. People, not mere numbers. Strong and collaborative partnerships with select clients, not frenetic scalability. Our commitment to these core values allows us to grow and, especially, to engage and entertain our clients’ audiences.

We enjoy long-lasting relationships with household names such as Jack Whitehall, Russell Brand and Sarah Millican. We handle their online presence and digital promotions. On their behalf, we work alongside Google, YouTube, Netflix and Disney. Our clients’ achievements mean that we move at the heart of digital entertainment.

We know our clients and they know us. That’s why they trust us to connect the right dots at the right time.

Our clients entertain people, be it live or on screen. They are actors, comedians, musicians, athletes. We make sure the largest possible audiences know about them and their newest projects. We create our clients’ online presence and develop promotion strategies on all digital channels. In short, we connect all the dots between talent, their management, broadcasters, production companies and their audiences – so everyone can focus on what’s essential.

  • Talent Online Presence. Talent thrives on personality. We design, build and manage online presence in such a way that it reflects their uniqueness, their voice, their brand: consistently across all channels. So the spotlight stays where it should be.
  • New Project Promotions. We specialise in coordinating talent-driven promotions of new projects. Social media campaigns that are consistent with both the talent’s personality and the promotion’s demands are our forte. We act as a central contact point for all the involved teams. Communication becomes easy, targets clear, results delivered.
  • Live Events & Entertainment. We are experts in using online presence and digital marketing to drive ticket sales for large-scale, international and national events. Our goal is to ensure the complexities of such events are kept away from the user-facing websites, while at the same time making it easy to optimise reach.

We may live and breathe digital but, to us, it’s all about people.

We only work in long-term partnerships with a limited number of clients, all of them established brands and talent. And here’s why: we don’t believe in a one-fits-all approach. Each client’s individual personality is the basis for everything we do: it defines our strategy, it fuels our solutions, it informs our targets.

Our first step is always to listen (they all say that) but we listen throughout because needs change, new ideas emerge. Then we can make recommendations, adapt messages, and continue to deliver.

To achieve this, we keep our team small, flexible, responsive. And personable. We value strong relationships because, when we understand each other, we can communicate more efficiently: honestly, openly, directly – with a laugh here and there. And always work towards a common goal.