Film & TV

Big screen and TV still have that special aura. Film and television productions involve many stakeholders and large budgets, so getting people to watch them is crucial. That’s the sole measure that counts. The key, for us, is to focus on the talent that’s involved. In the end, that’s who people care about.

Focus on talent

Our clients are often involved in films or television programmes. In those cases, we work directly with the production companies and broadcasters to coordinate strategies. We align talents’ social media accounts, adapt their online presence, identify or create shareable content. We generate buzzing conversations between accounts and get fans excited.

Big screen, big names

Our work on films like Jungle Cruise, The Nutcracker, or The Queen’s Corgi has seen us move at the heart of the industry, with the likes of Disney, Lionsgate and Tiger Aspect. We have coordinated strategies with such stars as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and his 150 million followers.


Television has the added benefit of using the broadcaster’s brand and their other programmes. Cross-pollination becomes possible, yet that also means more coordination is necessary. The list of productions we’ve worked on is long, very long, and includes Bad Education, Decline and Fall, Frankie Boyle’s New World Order, 8 out of 10 Does Countdown. Through them we have worked with the BBC, Channel 4, Sky and others.

Coordinating campaigns

The marketing campaigns for large productions target a wide variety of audiences. We specialise in coordinating with all the involved departments and running on one schedule. That means bringing together Press & PR, agents and talent.

Advertising budgets

Production companies have enormous advertising budgets but things are not as simple as just spending big. Our expertise is using digital advertising efficiently, targeting the right people. It’s clinical. So far, we’ve driven millions of people to the cinema and to their TV screens at the right time.