Children’s shows and films are a substantial market. Promoting them can be a lot of fun and, if the strategy is right, very rewarding – not only financially but in the knowledge of bringing children joy and laughter. However, promoting children’s content is entirely different from promoting other production. There are unique challenges to meet with complementary strategies.

Audience Discrepancy

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing promotions of kids’ programmes is the fact that they are aimed at separate audiences with very different goals: first, there are the children, who watch the content; then there are the parents, who monitor what their children consume; finally, there are production companies who expect clear results. Having worked on a variety of children’s shows – including The Animated Mr. Bean, Charlie & Lola, The Queen’s Corgi – we understand that.

Engage the kids

Any parent knows: kids’ interest can be fickle. We use a variety of channels to engage children in a versatile, gamified and fun way. This ranges from social media content, to interactive websites and simple online games – as we have done, for example, for The Animated Mr. Bean. But it also means using dedicated channels like Google Kids, with whom we enjoy a close partnership, allowing us to promote at the source.

Reassure parents

While the children watch, parents want to know that the programme and everything around it is safe. This is a great responsibility for production companies and promotion strategies alike. We are sensitive to the effect of content and ensure that the show’s world is entirely children-friendly. This means managing the production company’s – as well as involved talent’s – online presence, trawling it for potentially problematic posts.


Our work on Mr. Bean has helped it become the world’s 10th-largest Facebook page, with more than 83 million likes. It was the result of creating and promoting the digital footprint of the show, aligning all channels (social media accounts, broadcaster activity, merchandise, advertising, press), and using websites as interactive, engaging marketing tools. This expertise means we can confidently manage hugely successful projects – and grow new ones from scratch.