YouTube can be a powerful tool for promotion and monetization. But it is also relentlessly demanding. Our expertise lies in helping talent maximize the benefits of YouTube while freeing up their time. We do this through a clear strategy for content distribution and a well-time execution to create unique channels that attract and retain viewers.

Focus on talent

For the best performance, YouTube requires regular uploads and fresh content. It also looks through the facile and mass-produced, so that every video has to be unique. We specialize in creating channels that reflect and draw from our client’s personality – and use our close partnership with Google, knowing the ins and outs, to release a channel’s full potential.

Freeing up time

Working with the likes of Jack Whitehall, Russell Brand, Jimmy Carr, we know how busy our clients are. Our video production is efficient and aims to use up as little of talent’s time as possible – and only when absolutely necessary. Then we brief them on the nuances of YouTube content (more informal, more off-the-cuff) to obtain content we know will deliver.

Demystifying YouTube

It sounds more complex than it is – and than talent needs to care about. The bottom line is: tailored content works best. This can be original, filmed around a production or behind the scenes; but it can also be identifying shareable moments, revisiting old videos when they become topical again, cleverly integrating YouTube in other places (like we did for Russell Brand, for example). In short: maximizing the existing. Efficiency and our long-term approach mean that we are intimately familiar with what we have at our disposal.

Coordinating with stakeholders

When working on a YouTube Original, there is an outside promotion strategy usually driven by Google itself. In such cases, as for example when we promoted YouTube Europe’s first-ever Original, Training Days, we work closely with Google to align and design the accounts, create videos, and, on behalf of the talent, to keep the engagements and schedules. The same happens when we handle brand partnership engagements.


Our work on Training Days has brought it some 3 million viewers per episode. We also built Jack Whitehall’s YouTube channel from scratch and have grown it from zero to more than 600,000 subscribers and more than 50 million views.