Mass Impressions specialises in designing and managing high-profile talent’s online presence. From websites to social media accounts, we form the core of their communications strategy – in long-term partnership. We connect all the dots between talent and their audiences.

Talent thrives on personality. We design, build and manage online presence in such a way that it reflects their uniqueness, their voice, their brand: consistently across all channels. That includes handling social media, monetising content, tracking down impersonators, securing accounts. All with the required discretion. So the spotlight stays where it should be.

We specialise in coordinating talent-driven promotions of new projects. Social media campaigns that are consistent with both the talent’s personality and the promotion’s demands, across all channels, are our forte. We are an extension of existing management structures, a central contact point for all the involved teams. Communication becomes easy, targets clear, results delivered.

We are experts in using online presence and digital marketing to drive ticket sales for large-scale events, national and international tours, and recurring fairs and festivals. Our goal is to ensure the complexities of such events are kept away from the user-facing websites, while at the same time integrating software and management tools that make it easy for staff to optimise promotion and reach the largest possible audience.