County fairs and festivals can be a bit of a hubbub, a bit hectic, a bit wild: it’s part of the fun. But the logistics behind them must be the opposite. The website and management software are an essential tool to keep it all under control and to drive ticket sales. Our experience with live entertainment along with our integrated systems help event organisers do just that.

Mobilising the crowds.

Marketing live events is a breed of its own. The digital marketing strategies need to go beyond engaging a wide variety of audiences. They need to push ticket sales, too. This also requires scalable websites that can cope with traffic spikes, that are viewable on any device by people on the move, that are easily kept up-to-date by the organisers. All on a user-friendly design so that visitors can find what they want to know with a few simple clicks

Simplifying behind the scenes.

Fairs and festivals sometimes mean redundant processes, doubling of content, slow response times. Yet, user-facing websites need to be clear, calm and to the point: it’s all about conversion and ticket sales. Our bespoke, WordPress-integrated management system brings everything together into one. It makes it easy for organisers to put in event details themselves — all in real time, from their desktop, tablet or smartphone. It’s intuitive and responsive. This way, processes are efficient, saving organisers significant time, costs and nerves.


We manage all the logistics for our clients. We handle the hosting infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform. We monitor traffic and bandwidth so they don’t crash. And, finally, we look after online security, so that sensitive data and privacy are fully protected.


With so many events happening together, so many people interested in different things, websites for festivals and fairs constantly need to be updated with the most current information. And underneath it all, there are the complexities of large events: many stakeholders and service providers; the logistics of several domains, servers, apps; talent, entertainers and their management. We understand all this. We know that a website is not just an IT project, not just words and pictures and code. It’s about ticket sales. It’s your most valuable communication tool.

WordPress & Avada Framework.

We build all our clients’ websites using WordPress and the Avada Framework. We could bore you with statistics: that about 30% of all sites use WordPress, or 400,000 websites are powered by the Avada Framework. We could tell you that virtually all modern brands and creative agencies use it, too, from the New York Times and Reuters, via Sony, Samsung and Porsche, to Disney and Beyoncé. We could (and will be happy to) tell you in detail how it works, that it’s open-source, and has built-in features, option-panels, modules, apps. But the bottom line is this: it’s the best and most versatile system there is. It allows us to build streamlined, sleek and future-proof websites that work for both our clients and their audience.

Fully customisable, sophisticated, easy to manage.

We build websites with both sides in mind: the online user, on the one hand, who wants to find out information or buy a ticket on an uncluttered, beautiful and easy platform. And the client, on the other hand, who wants to manage the processes without hassle, upload and update content themselves, have data, analysis and reports about their customers. That’s our expertise.

Fusion Partners – One of a kind.

This expertise and experience has attracted ThemeFusion’s attention, who produce the Avada Framework. They asked us to build demo sites to include in their core product and they awarded us their gold standard endorsement: “Fusion Partners” — we’re the only agency in the world to have it. We don’t say this to brag. This strong relationship means that we always get the best new software for our clients.

The San Diego County Fair is the largest county fair in North America and the largest special event in San Diego County. Every year, more than 1.6 million visitors attend two thousand events over one month. With the website as the core marketing channel and primary reference point for all guests, that’s a lot traffic and ticket sales to handle.

1,600,000 visitors.
4,100 attractions.
1,800 thousand concerts.

1 management system.
1 website.

Utilising the website’s full potential.

Still, the fair’s organisers wanted to put a stronger emphasis on digital marketing strategies to drive their ticket sales. They asked for a website that they could update themselves, in real time. They wanted each individual event to be represented, all the schedules to be customisable with various filters. And, of course, as the fair has a different theme every year, the user-friendly design had to be overhauled easily.

Bespoke management system.

We created a bespoke Events Database Management System for them. We integrated that system in WordPress and the Avada Theme, which is intuitive and responsive. We set up the infrastructure for the exchange of event data between internal and third-party platforms. We built a reporting tool that made data monitoring and analysis straightforward. And we manage the operation of it all, make sure all the websites work as they should, troubleshoot arising issues.


Our philosophy is that compounding small and marginal gains amounts to a big impact. We constantly tweak, look for improvements, optimise performance. This isn’t all just words. Since we began working together, and thanks to our highly simplified yet efficient system, the San Diego County Fair has increased its ticket sales by X%. There are more events online, website traffic increased by Y% and the conversion rate grew by Z%.

Lasting partnership.

We believe that our results speak for themselves. And they impressed the Del Mar Fairgrounds team so much – the organisers of the fair – that they asked us to build the websites and devise a digital strategy for all their events in the years to come. We gladly accepted because, for us, it’s all about the long-term.

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