We make sure the talent’s existing audiences know about the latest project they’re involved in. This involves conceiving a marketing strategy in dialogue with production companies; managing the talent’s promotional efforts; converting the project’s audiences to grow the talent’s own. Our speciality is aligning talent-owned social media accounts with the overall strategy. Our focus is on the talent – so the spotlight’s where it should be.

Coordination with broader production marketing.

We are experts in dealing with a talent’s promotional efforts for projects they’re involved in. We understand their role in the overall marketing strategy. We work closely with the production company and keep track of what’s needed when to generate a buzz and to keep it buzzing. So the talent doesn’t have to.

Industry expertise.

Our dedicated team enjoys long-term relationships with household names such as Jack Whitehall, Russell Brand and Sarah Millican. On their behalf, we work closely with YouTube, Netflix, Disney and others. Moving at the heart of digital entertainment means we know what’s required: professionalism and discretion.

Our speciality is the promotion of productions and events on all digital channels. We either create a social media campaign from scratch, with the talent as the main driving force. Or we align with a production’s overall marketing strategy that involves our talent. In the end, it’s about making sure the right audiences know about new projects. That’s connecting the dots.

Promote TV, film and other projects.

We align social media accounts with the overall promotion strategy of film, TV programmes and other projects they’re involved in. On their behalf, we deal directly with the production companies or broadcasters and manage everything from making content to scheduling posts.

Market live events.

We market tour dates by driving audiences to the talent’s own website or to their ticketing partners. This includes a combination of social media campaigns, targeted email marketing and paid online adverts.

  • Netflix Originals
  • Jack Whitehall: Training Days