Personality is brand. We understand that what makes our clients who they are is both their talent and their individuality. We want to reflect that. Instead of using a one-fits-all approach, we make our clients’ personalities and strengths the basis of everything we do. Our solutions are bespoke, our strategy long-term but adaptable. So the talent’s online presence is instantly recognisable. Like them.

Part of the entourage.

We draw alongside existing management structures and build on long-term relationships with renowned talent agents in London and California. Working with household names like Jack Whitehall, Russell Brand and Sarah Millican means we know what it’s about. And that we appreciate the need for discretion and confidentiality.

Free up focus.

We work with talent, but we work for them so they can keep their mind on what’s essential. While involved in a project, the talent’s focus should be on the creative and entertainment elements. We deal with other engagements on their behalf: production companies, promotion, social media. And keep audiences engaged, so the spotlight’s always where it should be.

Not only is each talent different, every social media channel has its quirks, strengths and weaknesses too. Managing a combined following of more than 100 million, we are experts at navigating through that digital jungle. Our speciality is aligning websites and social media accounts to deliver a consistent, yet compelling presence or promotional push. That’s a unified voice targeted at the wide variety of audiences.

Viral content.

We identify engaging moments in each production and turn them into shareable content. Editing short videos, creating memes, spreading conversation pieces: all adapted to the social media’s style and algorithms. Of course, we manage everything: making, uploading, scheduling, optimising. The full range to maximise impact.

Data analysis and reporting.

We monitor the performance of all the social media accounts in detail. This way, we not only know what works best so we can fine-tune our strategy to grow audiences and monetise content. But we also compile simple reports, communicated transparently, so our clients can see what we’re up to. Hard facts, clear targets, measured results.

Security and logistics.

There’s a lot more to social media than posting shareable content and using it to promote the latest project. For talent – especially of the calibre we work with – there’s also account security to think of: keeping out impostors, monitoring abusive comments, shutting down impersonators. We manage it all, from A to Z.

Social media is more than a promotional tool, it drives revenue. We keep this in mind when creating content and we’re always on the look-out for opportunities to monetise the channels.

Paid partnerships.

Talent influences and brands know it. We can negotiate deals for paid partnerships and brand endorsements. Then we ensure the agreed deal is fulfilled, the appropriate content created and the correct number of posts scheduled.

YouTube management & monetisation.

YouTube, far more than other media, is designed for monetising. We handle all aspects of our clients’ channels and distribution. We manage income from advertisement and YouTube Red subscriptions. And suggest ideas for micro-productions, product placement, and others.

YouTube Content ID.

We believe in copyright and that creators should know what happens with their work. As Google partners, we use Content ID to keep track of talent’s content appearing elsewhere, so they can decide if and how it may be used, if and how they want to monetise it, or whether it should be freely available. We advise on the virtues of it all for individual content, manage the process and set up policies.

YouTube Analytics.

We monitor the performance and metrics on all social channels but YouTube’s algorithms change very quickly. We stay on top of things and ensure that our clients’ channels are always up-to-date and optimised for monetisation.

  • Jack Whitehall
  • Russell Brand