Avada is the best WordPress theme framework on the market, and our clients love it just as much. It’s sleek and beautiful, flexible and logical. But is Avada right for your company’s website?

Well, we must admit we’re a little bit biased. As an Official Partner of Theme-Fusion, Avada’s creators, we work closely with them to make sure the answer is invariably a resounding yes.

Prior to meeting Luke and the Theme-Fusion team, we built sites using all sorts of WordPress themes and frameworks. You name them, we’ve worked with them all. We’ve been designing and building websites for many years, and we don’t give our endorsement unless something genuinely works to resolve our client’s needs.

Despite an ever-more crowded marketplace, where there are countless solutions offering the latest ways to swift website builds that look great and work perfectly, we still think Avada fits the bill better than anything else. Here’s why we rate it so highly.

Quality flows from great relationships and great tools

Quality site builds happen thanks to great relationships between the web design agency and client, flowing from the way the agency interprets and solves the problems the client presents them with. No tool can do that. But you still need an infinitely flexible system that lets you explore a suite of genuine solutions, not just a handful. In other words, technology should never limit the design process.

Equally, in most cases, the solutions an agency comes up with should never blow the client’s budget out of the water – more often than not, such ‘solutions’ aren’t really solutions. As every good web team knows, the best technology can support anything that falls out of a meeting. If it can’t, the chances are the agency hasn’t simplified the solution sufficiently – which means they’re not doing their job. With Avada as our main tool and great relationships a speciality, we’re onto a winner.

On-going development means future-proofing a site comes naturally

You don’t just build a website, launch it then walk away. The best sites, the most successful sites, undergo a continuous development process. Avada means you don’t have to pay for that development, and don’t have to manage it either. You just have to stay on top of your updates, something that Avada makes remarkably easy. It makes complete sense.

Patches rectify framework issues simply and fast

Not only does Avada provide on-going updates, they also release ‘patches’ every few days that capture and rectify issues in the framework long before you’ve noticed them. It’s absolutely invaluable, and it’s all controlled from inside the dashboard. When you’re short on time and dependent on excellence, it’s perfect.

Making beautiful demo sites

Professionally designed demo sites are a great reference point for any project. If you’re stuck for ideas about a landing page, for example, you can just import the Avada demo landing page and start tweaking. The demo itself may not fit the exact brief, but Avada’s demos are so easy to adapt that they take you very close – all we have to do is add the finishing touches. We’ve designed most of the demos we use.

The brilliance of Fusion Builder

ThemeFusion recently separated their page builder and made it into a self-contained plugin. It’s big news because other developers will soon be able to use it in their own themes outside of Avada. But most excitingly, there will soon be a plethora of new add-ons that extend its functionality. Meaning that once again, you can do much more down the line without having to pay for development or process management.

Easy to maintain with super-fast updates

Avada updates are relatively quick and easy to do. The theme has been so successful that they’ve had to make it as simple and easy as possible, more so than any other theme on the market.

Future-proofing for your website

Nothing is 100% future proof on the web. Trends, technology and user habits all change too fast for that. But Avada comes close. Keep it updated and it evolves with you, the framework stays current and your website is always ready for the next set of innovations.

New features for bright futures

The Avada team has its finger on the button. The list of future features that’ll soon be available is so good. We’re really excited about the future of Avada, and our clients are just as excited about the new features the team is generating. Watch this space!

A large customer pool means highly effective testing protocols

The code behind Avada is tested over hundreds of thousands of websites. If it doesn’t work, they’ll know about it and they’ll fix it. The chances are that will happen long before you noticed it, and there will already be a patch available. This level of service is something you just don’t find elsewhere.

Great support

We can’t overstate the brilliance of the support you’ll get from the Avada team. Great support makes all the difference between an OK platform and a top class one, and the team pulls out all the stops to deliver the best support possible.

Exceptional design quality

Avada is the best. But the platform doesn’t design websites, that’s what we do. Avada provides absolutely everything we need to create the most beautiful, relevant, attractive, functional, enjoyable and hard-working websites on the internet, sites that make friends and influence people, help build brands that consumers love, and help drive an excellent bottom line.