Each talent is unique, each production is different, each live event singular. Our clients’ specific needs form the basis of everything we do. There is no one-fits-all model. That’s what we mean when we say: We connect the dots.

Talent & personal brand

Personality goes a long way. Building on what makes our clients unique, we devise a bespoke strategy that delivers clear results and frees up focus. That can be growing an engaged following; building social media channels with a unified tone of voice; identifying and brokering potential brand partnerships; planning for marketing and handling promotional engagements. We’re not an extra person to deal with, we connect into existing structures and become part of the entourage.

Talent & personal brand

Film, TV & digital releases

In today’s endless stream of content, new releases must stand out. That means tapping into the right existing audiences and generating new ones. Understanding what makes a production exciting and building on the involved talent, we grow momentum and hype that translates into viewing figures. This can be aligning social media profiles; managing all digital platforms, and coordinating the execution of promotional strategies.

Film, TV & digital

Tours & live entertainment

Tours and live events depend on people turning up at a specific time. More than anything, hype has to become anticipation, has to become a ticket sale. They need digital marketing strategies that promote, build audiences and lead users to conversion. We also keep the conversation going between all involved parties: from agencies to promoters, PR, press and, of course, the talent.

Tours & live