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Our clients’ success is our measure. Words we live by. We’ll let these do the talking.

Film & TV

Working on behalf of high-profile actors and comedians means we deal directly with some of the biggest names in the entertainment. From the BBC to Disney, we move at the heart of the industry to promote our clients’ work.

Our clients are often involved in large productions such as films or television programmes. In those cases, we work directly with the production companies and broadcasters to coordinate digital marketing with overall promotion strategies. We align talents’ social media accounts, adapt their websites, create shareable content.

Film & TV


Streaming is the future. It is great for distribution. But strong digital marketing campaigns are required to make a production stand out from the wealth of content. We have worked directly with Netflix on a number of very successful shows.

Our specialty is aligning talent accounts with the overall promotion strategy. We ensure all accounts reflect the latest project, explicitly and implicitly, generate conversations between accounts and devise ideas for cross-promotion, drawing from other shows’ fan bases.



YouTube can be a powerful tool for promotion and monetization. But it is also relentlessly demanding. Our expertise lies in helping talent maximize the benefits of YouTube while freeing up their time. We do this through a clear strategy for content distribution and a well-time execution to create unique channels that attract and retain viewers.


Tours & Live Shows

The stage is truth. There is an incredible energy in the direct connection with the audience. The bigger the audience, the stronger the feeling. Whether our clients are going on tour or appearing within festivals, we make sure that their existing fans – and new ones – hear about it.

Our clients love the stage. They have filled venues across the country and worldwide, gone on tour to the far reaches of the island, and hosted award ceremonies. Whenever that is the case, we work with the promoters and organizers to devise the digital marketing strategy.

Tours & live shows


Children’s shows and films are a substantial market. Promoting them can be a lot of fun and, if the strategy is right, very rewarding – not only financially but in the knowledge of bringing children joy and laughter.

However, promoting children’s content is entirely different from promoting other production. There are unique challenges to meet with complementary strategies.