Film, TV & Digital Releases

Promoting to the right audiences

Film, TV & Digital Releases
Be it a new film, TV series, digital production: every project is different and needs its own marketing strategy. Our approach is not predefined. The project not made to fit a mould. We work from the inside out to come up with the best plan.

Coordinated plan

There are many stakeholders in productions. Our approach is to be adaptive and to connect into the existing structures. We keep the conversation clear to ensure that everyone knows what’s going on at all times. Still more, we coordinate all the efforts: one strategy, one schedule.

Connected audiences

One of our specialties is talent-driven promotion. That means combining the individual followings of everyone involved in the project. We understand the requirements of an overall marketing strategy and how to implement it. The task is clear: growing the audience.

Engaged following

It’s about more than numbers. We tap into what makes projects successful and what attracts people in the first place. Then we turn that complex strategy into simple plans: viral content (produced in-house or with partners), shareable posts, memorable moments. Large followings are good: active and engaged audiences are better.

Unified social media

We do more than just manage social media accounts. We unify the tone of voice across all platforms and make sure they fit in with the overall strategy. We also monetize content, manage copyright and keep track of all contractually agreed posts. Finally, we ensure all involved parties are on the same page and work to the same schedule.

More buck for the buzz

Generating momentum and hearing the buzz is a means, not an end. We understand that the measure of success lies in conversion. Our goal is to funnel the audience towards watching the film, binging the series, streaming the show – whatever the case may be. A little less conversation, a little more action; or as we like to say, “results silence bullshit.”