Talent & Personal Brand

Taking personality all the way

Talent & Personal Brand

Personality is brand. We understand that our clients’ success comes from both their talent and their individuality. That’s the basis of everything we do. Our strategy is long-term but always adapting. Unique, like our clients.

Part of the entourage

Our clients have better things to do. And we know that they have their own teams, with routines and ways to work. Our approach is to be adaptive, to connect with existing structures and to deal with management if and when needed. Efficient communication built on mutual trust saves us all time. And frees up focus.

Online presence

We do more than just manage social media accounts and digital channels. We also design them to reflect our clients’ personality and voice. Then we actively grow and engage their following, monetize content, manage copyright while integrating the needs of all promotional engagements. So our clients’ personality is as winning online as IRL.

Brand partnerships

Talent influences others and brands know it. We identify and broker potential brand partnerships that match our clients’ strengths. Our familiarity with their specific audiences and social media channels means we also do most of the work. That includes managing the brand’s expectations and securing the best deal.

Shareable content

Content is no longer limited to the show, the stage, the film. We identify strong moments and turn them into shareable posts. Our in-house production team can create peripheral content for social media. And because we run all of it, we know exactly what’s needed to match it with our clients’ individuality.

Digital reputation

The online presence often defines first impressions. What appears on profiles and on searches can be as damaging as positive. We monitor for impersonators, keep accounts secure from hackers, track undesired connections, advise on possible effects. All to ensure the digital image is pristine.

No faff

We work with talent but we work for them. Our goal is to streamline processes and remove complexity so our clients have less on their plate. Their focus should be on the creative and entertainment elements. We deal with all other engagements on their behalf to ensure the spotlight’s always where it should be.