Tours and Live Entertainment

Getting bums on seats

Tours and Live Entertainment
Live events depend on people turning up at a specific time. More than anything, hype has to become anticipation has to become a sale. We devise digital strategies that convert into ticket sales.

Combined forces

There are a lot of stakeholders in live events. This can lead to inefficiency and a polyphony of voices. We connect into existing structures and keep the conversation clear to ensure that all involved parties – from promoters to agents, managers, press, PR and, of course, the talent – know what’s going on. Still more, we coordinate all the efforts: one strategy, one schedule.

Digital marketing strategy

There are myriad ways to promote and several pockets of audiences to reach. We integrate all communication tools – from social media to email marketing – and combine them with deep user analysis. This way, our clients know who’s coming to the show and we can keep the audience engaged until the next one.

Conversion-driven channels

A successful strategy is not to fire on all channels or blindly squander advertising budgets. We know that it’s about more than promotion and information; it’s about conversion. Based on analytics and metrics, we build a strategy that delivers using the channels that perform best. Quality over quantity – output over input.

Turn live into ongoing

Live shows still generate content that can be used elsewhere, on social media and with strategic partners, before, during and after the event. Thus breaking live’s boundaries of time and place. We all know it: the show must go on, and does go on. That’s why we always have an eye on long term growth.