Symbiosis is a wonderful thing. Avada’s outstanding technology and our expertise in web design have led to a fruitful partnership with ThemeFusion. Together we drive towards excellence. And our clients are the ones who benefit from it the most. Win-win.

Like virtually all creative agencies in the world, we build our clients’ websites (and our own) on the WordPress code base. And very early on, we adopted ThemeFusion’s Avada framework as the basic theme from which to work. We did this because we believed that it was the best, most versatile theme there was. With it, we can build bespoke, streamlined and future-proof websites that not only look beautiful but are easy to use for everyone involved. From the New York Times and Reuters, via Sony, Samsung and Porsche, to Disney and Beyoncé: everyone agrees. Avada is the best theme around.

In 2014, Luke Beck, ThemeFusion’s CEO and Avada’s creator, approached us. He had seen a few of our clients’ websites and liked what he saw. He asked us to develop demo websites that he could include in the download package so his customers had a template to work from. He gave us full creative freedom with one brief: to showcase Avada’s power and versatility. So we dit. We built 29 of the currently 37 demos available and helped Avada grow from 80,000 to 400,000 users: the most successful WordPress theme ever produced.

Luke rewarded us by making Mass Impressions the only agency in the world to be official ‘Fusion Partners’. We’re very proud of this gold standard endorsement because it rewards our web development expertise. It’s also the mark of a strong relationship. Working so closely with the best in the field gives us exclusive access to new software and allows us to provide our clients with the technological structure they need.

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