Trailblazing. How we partnered with YouTube and a great team to launch a channel from scratch, promote an Original series for the first time and build a viewership of millions.

In January 2018, Jack Whitehall signed on to host Training Days, the first-ever YouTube Original Series made in Europe. The premise was for Jack to take football’s biggest names far out of their comfort zones in a multi-episode series: taking José Mourinho on disastrous driving lessons, visiting a haunted house with Dele Alli, playing Bavarian bar games with Thomas Müller, and other such shenanigans. All of was to be hosted exclusively on Jack’s own YouTube channel ahead of the World Cup 2018.

There was only one problem: Jack didn’t have a YouTube channel to speak of. So Jack asked us to launch a channel for him, to build up his following, and to make it ready to host Training Days. We produced content to lead up to the show, we handled the monetisation elements, we managed everything else. And we worked very closely with Google and YouTube’s senior management, as well as with the production company Fulwell73, to coordinate the promotion across all other social media – that included post-promotion over the course of the World Cup and creating shareable content based on the players who appeared on Training Days.

The promotion campaign for Training Days shows the side of ours we’re most proud of: being part of a great team and coordinating with various agencies. We believe in expertise and in having some of the best people on board. In this case: Little Dot with their outstanding production and editing skills; We Are Social, who handle social media for many of the involved footballers; and Google itself. The results speak for themselves: together, we drove Jack’s YouTube channel from zero to more than 500,000 subscribers over just six months. And individual Training Days episodes have as many as 3 million views.