“This is the age of addiction: a condition so epidemic and ubiquitous that you probably don’t know that you have it,” writes Russell in his bestselling book, Recovery. He’s hit the nail on the head. Hundreds of thousands of his readers agree and use his methods.

In 2017, Russell Brand published a new book, Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions. It’s a kind of self-help book where Russell adapts the famous Twelve Step programme, which had helped him recover from substance abuse, to all forms of addictions: food, phones, relationships. In his characteristic style, he claims that we “live in the age of addiction.” We are all somehow dependent on something, he says, and sharing his own experience, Russell offers ways to recover and regain freedom.

We worked closely with Russell and his team to promote the book’s launch via his newly redesigned website, his social media channels and his mailing list. Recovery shot to the top of the Sunday Times bestseller list and went as high as 6th on the New York Times equivalent.

As their partners and advisors on digital matters, we continue to manage the website and the growing content around the book: blog posts, podcasts, etc. Recovery by now is more than a book. It’s becoming a movement. And Russell’s website is that movement’s home.