County fairs can be a bit of a hubbub, a bit hectic, a bit wild: it’s part of the fun. But the logistics behind them must be the opposite. The website and management software are an essential tool to keep it all under control. We help the biggest do just that.

The San Diego County Fair is the largest county fair in North America and the largest special event in San Diego County. Every year, more than 1.6 million visitors attend two thousand events over one month. With the website as core marketing channel and primary reference point for all guests, that’s a lot traffic and ticket sales to handle.

Still, the fair’s organisers wanted a website they could update themselves, in real time. They wanted each individual event to be represented, all the schedules to be customisable with various filters. And, of course, as the fair has a different theme every year, the user-friendly design had to be overhauled easily.

We created a bespoke Events Database Management System for them. We integrated that system in WordPress and the Avada Theme, which is intuitive and responsive. We set up the infrastructure for the exchange of event data between internal and third-party platforms. We built a reporting tool that made data monitoring and analysis straightforward. And we manage the operation of it all, make sure all the websites work as they should, troubleshoot arising issues.

The result is a highly simplified yet efficient system. And it impressed the Del Mar Fairgrounds team so much, the organisers of the fair, that they asked us to build the websites and devise a digital strategy for all their events in the years to come.

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