“Promoting everything that interests women.” That’s Sarah’s avowed goal – definitely no easy task – and we’re here to help her do just that, along with marketing her own work.

We only started to work with Sarah Millican in early 2018, when her management asked us to take over and handle her website. Sarah had just published a new book, How to be a Champion, and she was about to go on her latest tour, Control Enthusiast. We helped her promote it online to sell-out dates.

However, Sarah’s new website was also meant to host her online magazine, Standard Issue, which is “by women, for women, about everything”, as well as the accompanying podcast. So it was about the right balance between comedy and more serious content, with a consistency across all channels and a unified voice throughout. The result is sarahmillican.co.uk

Our partnership with Sarah and her team is still quite recent, but we’re the committing type and are looking forward to making this long-term.