As a highly experienced Oxford WordPress Development team, we know exactly how to tick all the boxes for a perfect job. It means you never look silly in front of consumers and competitors, and you minimise any risk of hackers getting in. Here are 13 unlucky WP errors we make sure to avoid every single time.

We never do ANY of these

  1. We will never host your site on a non-WordPress host so it doesn’t perform as optimally as it could. Because we’re professionals, your website will never look unprofessional. We’ll host your site on a trusted specialist WP-friendly stack
  2. We won’t do something as silly as leave extra space in your code, so you get the White Screen of Death. Because we know WP coding and protocols inside out, and back to front, we don’t make fundamental coding mistakes… or indeed complex coding mistakes!
  3. We love housework. There’s no way we’d leave your wp-admin area in a mess. In our hands, it stays uncluttered and current, with new versions of everything you need and no unwanted stuff hanging around causing confusion
  4. We understand it’s not good practice to have the main blog page that’s miles and miles long, with every post displayed in its entirety. That’s just crazy when best practice involves showing quick, short excerpts, each with a ‘read more’ version. But there’s more. Get it wrong and it can look a lot like you’ve duplicated all your content, something search engines dislike and will penalise your website. It’s just a matter of ticking the right box, something we do as a matter of routine
  5. We don’t make database or gateway errors, which means your readers can always access the content they’re after and never get annoying, trust-destroying ‘server down’ or WP install error messages
  6. We understand that updating plugins or changing their settings can sometimes have unexpected effects. Now and again, if you don’t know what you’re doing, your site can turn into a jumbled mess. It can be scary, but only if you don’t know exactly how to get back to square one and how to fix plugin issues. We don’t even get there in the first place – we understand how to avoid silly errors like that
  7. We never make rookie mistakes like including index.php in your URL, a no-no which makes you look very amateur indeed. Nor do we get sub-directories wrong, like too many non-WP experts do
  8. We don’t leave the ‘just another WP blog’ text in place. We know it’s a placeholder and that it simply isn’t acceptable to let it lie, a real sign of an amateur job
  9. It’s crazy to set a site’s privacy settings so Google can’t index your website, and your pages don’t appear in the search engine results pages. But it’s amazing how many so-called WordPress developers don’t realise how important it is NOT to noindex the website content you want readers to see
  10. We always work with the latest version of WordPress. It seems odd, but not everybody does even when there’s a free and straightforward update available. Updating in a timely way is essential for security, usability and performance
  11. We never leave inactive plugins sitting around in the CMS. That’s how hackers get in. We don’t go crazy adding plugins like there’s no tomorrow, either. We only add essential plugins, keeping them up to date and completely removing inactive ones
  12. Did your WP developer compromise your site’s security by letting your plugins stash backups or whatever in the root of your site? Whoops. If so, everyone will be able to see them, including hackers. It’s something we’re far too savvy and experienced to get wrong. Nor do we ever leave visible server information hanging around for potential baddies to see

In short, we know WordPress inside out, back to front, inside out, and we don’t make simple mistakes. Which means, when you use us as your WordPress Developer everything goes smoothly and everything functions as it should, even all the stuff in the back end that nobody ever sees.

Don’t settle for less than the best

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