Content Marketing Agency Insights – What does the future hold?

Content marketing went mainstream some time ago. But like everything else online things change, and they can change remarkably quickly. What are the digital marketing industry’s predictions for the remainder of 2016?

The Ohio-based Content Marketing Institute (, an organisation dedicated to its advancement, delivers some insight. As a content marketing agency, North Oxford is where we’re based. But we also have a national reach, and we’ve blended our thoughts with those of the Institute and others in our sector for a well-rounded view.

If you’re wondering how to improve your performance, here are some of the things we recommend focusing on for the remainder of 2016.

8 content marketing agency essentials for better marketing performance

  1. Understanding your audience better – You can’t create content for an audience without first knowing who that audience is and what they expect from you. It might be very straightforward – people who buy fast moving consumer goods, for example, a segment including almost all of us. Or your audience might be a very specific segment of the population, giving you a whole lot more clues about what to say. Whatever the situation, the process of identifying that audience provides vital marketing insight.
  2. Creating content that engages people better – and knowing the difference between it and less engaging stuff. It’s surprising how few people actually measure their content’s impact. But it’s really important.
    Knowing your audience’s reaction to content gives you clues about the kind of information and knowledge they appreciate most. If you don’t set up ways to accurately analyse performance, you’ll never know for sure how well you’re doing. Instinct and guesswork don’t cut the mustard – you need numbers.
  3. Re-purposing current content – If you’ve been blogging for a few years, way before content marketing was a twinkle in the internet’s eye, you’ll have oodles of existing content to play with. And re-inventing the wheel is an excellent way to revive it for a fresh lease of life. The more ways you can think of to re-purpose content, and the more effective they are, the better. Can you maybe transform an old piece of evergreen content, making a new infographic or adding a video to boost its appeal? Go into a lot more detail? Update an old blog post with the latest news?
  4. Optimising your content for search engines – Content optimisation is simple to achieve and comes with real marketing benefits. Is your old content all optimised properly for search engines? If not, back-track and make it so to improve your overall search visibility. If your new content isn’t optimised, find out how to do it or hire an expert to write intelligently-optimised content for you.
  5. Becoming a better storyteller – and a better writer. ‘Engaging’ content means information that’s insightful, useful, relevant and entertaining. But strip it naked and content is simply storytelling. Can you weave a good tale? Is every piece of content you write a story, with a beginning, middle and end? If not, why not? Is your writing style naturally entertaining or does it send people to sleep? Are you hooked on jargon when Plain English is the best way? There’s always room for improvement.
  6. Doing a better job of it than anyone else – Before you start writing a piece of content, check how your competitors have tackled the subject. And then do a better job than all of them: more detailed, covered in more depth, better written, more entertaining, including visual elements rather than just text, and better targeted to your audience’s needs and expectations. Do a better job than them every time and you’ll reap the rewards.
  7. Personalising your content – Too many people write poorly-personalised or un-personalised content. In such a crowded and competitive landscape, you want to stand out. One way to do that is tailor content tightly to the people you know will be reading it, taking their needs and desires into account from the offset. You can, for example, make content specifically tailored to a prospect’s position in the buying cycle. It makes sense, since people who visit your website for the first time are in a radically different position to those who have bought from you several times already. When you target content based on insight you have into your contacts – whatever it might be – you’re in relationship-driven marketing territory, and in a real position of strength.
  8. Writing more widely around your core subjects – There’s only so much you can say about your products or services and the sector you operate in. Then you run out of subject matter. Don’t just repeat yourself. They key is to write as widely around a subject as you can, venturing into exciting and interesting areas that your competitors don’t touch. It’s a great way to broaden your reach and prove your expertise beyond doubt. Say you own a gardening website. You can write about gardens, plants, tools, the weather, science, new trends, the creatures that live in and on plants, conservation, soil types… anything and everything that indicates you’re a well-rounded expert in the field.

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