Blogging is still one of the simplest and most effective ways to add fresh content to a website and attract increased attention from people and search engines. So how do you write the perfect blog post? Here are our top tips.

18 common sense, marketing-led blogging tips

  1. Choose subjects you know your target audience will find interesting and useful
  2. Vary the subjects of your posts for interest: news, views, analysis, comment, give-aways, NPD, case study and so on
  3. Tell the truth… always
  4. Write as much as you need to write to do a perfect job of the subject, no more and no less
  5. Don’t be scared to have an opinion. In a world where so many people are scared to express themselves honestly, it helps you stand out
  6. Steer clear of hard sells… and keep sales-led posts to a minimum, however, soft the sell
  7. Don’t talk about yourself too much
  8. Create an irresistible post title including your top key term for the subject
  9. Weave an appropriate number of longtail and other keywords throughout the copy so Google knows what you’re on about and can classify your post accurately for searchers
  10. Format your posts like a school or college essay: intro, body, conclusion
  11. Add a call to action if action is required, for example, you want the reader to leave a comment or contact you
  12. Use plain language everyone can understand – write the way you talk and avoid jargon
  13. Use the same tone of voice as you’ve used on your website and all your other marketing materials, online and offline
  14. Include a compelling header
  15. Split information into bite-sized chunks using paragraphs and subheads
  16.  Use bullet points and numbered lists to classify, highlight and prioritise relevant information
  17. Make your posts easy to share, with active share buttons on every post
  18. Share every post on social media to spread the good word

Simple? Maybe not if you’re a novice. If you want to maintain a fascinating, attractive, shareable blog that people love reading, which ultimately helps drives more custom your way, we can write blog posts for you, just get in touch!