Web design and development for new business

You’re the proud owner of a shiny new business. Actually, you might not have set up yet. You could be at start-up stage, preparing for a launch some time in the future. Either way you need a website. We do website design and development for new business, and we’re fluent in the unique challenges a brand new business presents in a web design context.

What can you expect from the experience of working with us? Together we’ll make wonderful things happen. Here’s how.

Web design for new business – Understanding every aspect of your business

Exceptional websites are based on a solid foundation of in-depth knowledge and understanding. We won’t just dive in and start designing. We’ll talk everything through carefully with you first, picking your brains to get at those precious nuggets of vital information we need to support web design excellence.

We’ll discuss your image, goals, budget, target audiences and content requirements. We’ll study any reference sites you like, or that you know perform well in your sector. You can ask us questions, too, of course!

Deciding exactly what you want your business website to achieve

It’s impossible to achieve something when there isn’t a goal to aim for and you don’t know what success means. We’ll examine your materials, take a look at your business plan, talk everything through with you  and establish, together, what a perfect outcome looks like. Now we’re motoring.

Planning how to make it happen

Once we know exactly what you want and need, we can start making actual plans. We’ll map out a suitable website architecture, define the different sections and pages, hammer out the navigation and flow, and the pages’ relationship to each other. Out of all that falls a specification document setting out in fine detail the things your website must do and how it’ll do them.

Designing the hell out of it!

Once you’ve okayed the spec, we’re in design territory. We put our creative hats on and start sketching out solutions. The aim is to come up with a clear, attractive mock-up, so we make a series of informed, expert choices about your new business website layout, font, font sizes and colour palette and so on.

We’ll give you a choice of creative treatments to think about and take your preferred choice to the next stage, refining and revising until it’s absolutely perfect. Once you’ve approved the final design, it’s time for the development bit.

Building the real deal cleanly and simply

You’ve signed off your killer design and we’re busy developing it. The resulting working design mimics the final thing and, thanks to WordPress, is written using clean, semantic code. WordPress is naturally mobile friendly too, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Once it’s ready we deploy the whole thing to a staging site for rigorous testing, to ensure the functionality is perfect and any bugs are dealt with, then it’s your turn to bash it about and test it to your own satisfaction.

5,4,3,2,1… lift off

Everybody’s happy. Now your new business website is ready to be placed in a launch-ready state. Time to press the big red ‘go’ button…

Post launch care

All our sites are built on the WordPress platform, which means ongoing management and maintenance is a simple matter. If you’d rather hand over that side of things to the experts and concentrate all your energies on growing your business, we offer a choice of popular Careplans designed to take care of all that for you.

Need website design for your new business?

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