Oxford web design for £199? What’s the Story?

Type ‘Oxford web design’ into the Google search box and you’ll see a paid Google advert for ‘Oxford web design £199’ popping up right at the top of the search results. It depends on which Google data centre returns your search results, of course, but you’ll probably find the same thing. We thought it’d be useful to look into cheap web design offers, what you get for your money, whether it’s worth having or ultimately puts your business at a disadvantage.

£199 Oxford web design – What do you get for your £££?

What do you get for your £199? Professional, affordable business websites optimised for Google, accessible on all devices and easy edit. Your own dedicated designer, a custom design to suit your business with SEO and mobile accessibility taken into account.

So far, so good. We provide all that too. There’s also a price match guarantee, your money back if you’re not happy, no contract and no hidden fees. So what’s the difference between a web design agency like ours and a very low cost service?

The problem is, it’s difficult to tell. Which immediately raises suspicions. How can they dedicate enough time, effort, expertise and resources for so little money? What are they not saying?

What are super-low cost web design firms NOT saying?

Perhaps they’re using a team of overseas web design talent, people who charge a whole lot less than UK-based designers. Maybe they keep the approvals process extremely short, charging more if your project demands more time and effort than the most basic design.

It could be the case that while they design with your brand in mind, they have a limited set of pre-created templates to play with rather than designing from scratch. It seems likely. Not that there’s anything wrong with templates… but we prefer to design specifically to suit your brand.

Do they use WordPress? It doesn’t say. There isn’t another CMS that lives up to WordPress for convenience, flexibility, ease of use, simplicity and beauty, so what are they using? Is their CMS updated regularly, or will it soon go out of date and leave you floundering? Is it scalable to account for business growth?

You get a dedicated ‘certified’ designer. But what does that mean? What certification do they have? Is it recognised? Can they provide content for your web pages? We doubt it very much at such a low price point. If you don’t want to create your own content or don’t have the skills, where does that leave you?

Do they only build brochure websites, simple online leaflets? If they build ecommerce websites, how do they cover their costs? Ongoing training and support is available too, but how do they factor the cost in? With the maximum web design cost at £1200, what kind of training and support will you get?

We spend as much time as necessary to establish exactly what you want your website to achieve, then carefully align your website with the business goals you’ve set out. This looks like one area where the cheap and cheerful players in the web design community fall down. They will design a site ‘to your spec’, something that strikes fear into the hearts of many a business owner and alarms experienced designers. Half the battle towards achieving a successful, hard-working, popular website is getting that side of things exactly, perfectly right, and most business owners are not marketing, UX or graphic design experts.

Is a really cheap website suitable for SMEs, start-ups and test runs?

Say you have a brilliant business idea you want to test drive. Could you get a super-cheap website to ‘suck it and see’? It’s possible, of course, but a great business idea deserves the best start in life. That’s the only way to know for sure you’ve given it your best shot.

There’s more. Just because you run a small business, it doesn’t mean your aims and ambitions will stay small-scale. The last thing you need is to have to redesign an entire site because it can’t cope with demand or isn’t appropriate any more.

What do we provide that cheapo web designers don’t?

  • We delve deep to explore your business from top to toe, inside and out. It’s the only real way to deliver a website that fulfils your every need and expectation as well as those of your customers
  • You can meet us face to face – in fact we insist on meeting you in person at least once because cordial relationships are essential for long term success
  • We believe in long term relationships with our clients, where web design is just the start of things
  • We have experts at hand to help you with ongoing SEO, digital marketing and content creation

As a general rule you get what you pay for out there in the big, bad world. If you chose to go for a really cheap website design, Oxford based or elsewhere in the country, and it isn’t doing what you’d expected for your business, contact us and we’ll do better.