Solving common web design mistakes and misunderstandings

We like real, honest relationships with our clients, where everyone’s pulling on the same rope, in the same direction. When things get into the swing, there’s nothing like it. Great things happen.

Calling all clients – Avoid these and win web design brownie points

We find the best way to achieve client relationship heaven is help the people we work with understand how they can best contribute to the web design process. In our pursuit of website design and development excellence, we thought it’d be useful to talk about a few of the most common website design misunderstandings.

Putting these to bed from the outset means the web design process goes a whole lot more smoothly, enjoyably and productively. Here’s our common website misunderstandings 101, a client’s guide to swerving potentially costly issues.

New site content – Be prepared

You know you need content for your lovely new website. You want to provide it yourself. But you’re not really sure how much you need. You’re entering dangerous territory. If your content schedule slips, your agency’s web design deadline will slip too. And the costs can quickly spiral.

It’s really important to have a clear idea of exactly what you’re going to provide your agency with. Only then can you make sure page content, blog posts, images and video will be ready in time.

Think about budget and resources, too. If you want an image-rich site full of top class photos, illustrations and video, they come at a cost. Having said that, there are almost always intelligent solutions to web design budget restrictions.

Quality frequently beats quantity. A good agency will advise you about how to make the most of what you’ve got. They will harness things like typography, colour, icons, creative use of text and imagery to the most powerful effect.

“We know what we want”

It’s never OK to skip the initial discovery phase of a web design project. Discovery workshops and meetings are crucial for web design excellence, addressing the right questions up front and making sure key thinking gets done at the right stage.

Its dangerous starting the design and development, a complex process, before pinning down the essential details. And it’s expensive and time-consuming to un-pick things at a later stage. This is where you can save yourself endless time, hassle and expense. Throw yourself into the discovery phase with enthusiasm and gusto, and fill your agency in with the details they need to do a fantastic job.

Oh look, a goldfish. Oh look, a goldfish…

Avoid goldfish brain. It’s easy to lose focus and forget your original user goals, simply because the design and development stage is so exciting. This ties in neatly with a thorough discovery phase, since it’s important to qualify every decision made against the work that’s been done during the discovery process.

Hold your horses, breathe, count to ten, and keep your user goals front of mind. Never forget why the user is on your website and what you want them to do while they’re there. Remember the best design isn’t about delivering what you want. It’s about fulfilling your target audience’s expectations of you.

“We want one like that”

You go into a shop that looks exactly like an art gallery from the outside. But it turns out they sell vegetables. It feels very wrong. You website is your shop window, and the same applies. Different target audiences have different needs. They occupy totally different spaces in the market. A recruitment consultancy website won’t look the same as AirBnB. You wouldn’t want your solicitor website to look like a florist, or Tesco.

The best web designers take these differences into account. You don’t want ‘a site like that’. You want a site your target audience will love.

Now you’re ready for us!

So you’re prepared to put your target audience first. You trust your website design partners to know what’s best. You’re excited about what the discovery stage will reveal. And you’re going to take your side of the content deal seriously, providing everything your agency needs by the deadline. We’re ready for you. Let’s talk.