Does your website deliver value, meaning and engagement to customers?

Done right, digital strategy delivers thrilling results

If you read our blog regularly, you’ll already know we’ve created a methodology for reinforcing what is essentially an ongoing process of digital strategy, where you measure your site’s performance, tweak it and gradually improve it.

It might sound like a bit of a yawn, but it’s thrilling stuff once you get going. Best of all, get it right, and the whole strategic marketing experience becomes more meaningful as well as delivering improved results. Here’s why the digital strategy bandwagon is one of the best you’ll ever join… all aboard!  

Why measure performance?

Why measure how your website is performing? One, because otherwise, you won’t know whether the ongoing work you do on the site is improving things or having the opposite effect. And two, because it’s really exciting.

Once you’ve set in place a few key benchmarks, things like how many visitors you get and how long they stay on your site, you can experiment with changing your website. Then you can watch how those changes affect the way human beings experience your business.

Your metrics have a strong human element, of course. They’re much more than mere numbers. They indicate the value people get from your website, the meaning they get from experience, and their level of engagement with your brand.

What is important?

As a consumer, good value, a decent amount of meaning and lots of engagement make up an experience you’ll want to repeat. As a marketer or web-site owner it’s your job to maximise all three and delight the people who visit your site. But what do they mean in practical marketing terms?   

Value means helping people achieve their goals

We harness value when creating websites. That means first pinning down exactly what your customers want your products or services to do.

Delivering value means enabling people to achieve their goals, the ambitions they had in mind when they bought your product or service. ‘Value’ could involve satisfying cultural aims or personal goals, professional aspirations or just allowing someone to complete a simple project. Ask yourself this: how well or badly do your products or services help people achieve their objective? Can you improve the way you represent essential value on your website?  

Meaning delivers a lasting impact

People define meaning by quantifying the relative priority a given object or service has in their life. You have an excellent experience online. Meaning is all about great outcomes. You remember it, and you tell people about it. If you can deliver real meaning to the people who visit your website, you’re onto a proper winner. It’s all about empathising with their priorities.

When we design for meaning, we look at importance versus satisfaction in context, something that gives us a clear view of the priorities people give to a thing that they want to achieve.

Engagement means fun, excitement and motivation

Can you make your products or services fun, the kind of thing people look forward to using? If so you’ll strike a powerful chord. If you can make the buying experience just as much fun, you’ll do even better.

When people are motivated to do something, they’re a whole lot more likely to do it. In other words, it’s important to make the process of achieving a given outcome an engaging one. Is your website appropriate for the job in hand, for the ambition people have when they come your way?  

Where do you start?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that achieving value, meaning and engagement starts and ends with your customers, the people who want, desire and buy your stuff.  When you make everything from the investigation stage to the buying process and after-sales services as enjoyable, smooth, simple and satisfying as you can, people love you for it. Put obstacles in their way, and you’ll send them off dissatisfied.

You won’t know a thing about your successes or failures unless you measure what’s happening now, and know what success looks like in your particular context.   

Next time someone mentions digital strategy, don’t switch your brain off. It’s a thrilling ride watching more people coming your way, more people buying from you, more people networking with you on social media.

If you want to consciously design a website that maximises real value, meaning and engagement in your customers’ lives, we’ll help you do that.