Web design Summertown – Why front-end website development wins

We are front-end developers. That means we use code to transform designs into brilliant reality, thanks to a deep understanding of aesthetic design and coding – very different skill sets.

So what? The thing is, if your web design partner doesn’t have that essential cross-discipline understanding, your site design will suffer. Here’s why front-end website development is crucial if you want to make the most of your digital presence, win more friends and influence more people.

Why front-end web development expertise makes such a big difference

  • Blending coding and design expertise – A developer with a blend of coding and design expertise is confident making aesthetic tweaks, whether it’s the position of a menu or a more user-friendly layout. A developer without those skills has to consult a designer before making the slightest change, which adds extra time and sometimes extra money to a project
  • Knowing when to go with the design flow – Developers without much design experience are often tempted to add their own unique stamp on a project, changing minor and even sometimes major details without referring to the designer. As we’ve explained above, if your developer is design-savvy, that’s often a great thing. If not, it can prove disastrous.
  • The power of typography – The very fact that there’s such a thing as a pure ‘typographical solution’ hints at a big truth: design is deeply influenced by typography, and good designers spend a lot of time getting it right. It isn’t something you can pick up as you go along. It’s a vital skill. It takes time and effort to grasp stuff like line and letter spacing, typography styles, font pairings and more. Get it wrong and it trashes the overall aesthetics of the design. An experienced front-end developer will make the effort to ensure the designer’s specified typography is matched. An inexperienced one might go their own sweet way and make a dreadful hash of it.
  • Avoiding tunnel vision – While a developer with no design insight can easily fall foul of tunnel vision, someone design-savvy will know not to focus on a single detail, always bearing the big picture in mind. It might seem like a relatively small difference but in fact it’s profound.
  • Design relationships,hierarchy, alignment and white space – You need a developer capable of working confidently within a design hierarchy. They’ll know about the optimum distances above and below titles and body text, about the dramatic value of white space, how to align design elements to perfection and which elements of the design are aesthetically related. It’s something that experienced front-end developers are perfectly capable of, but amateurs find very tricky indeed.  
  • Knowing when less is more – If you’re low on design knowledge you’ll find it a huge challenge to resist complicating things by adding more elements. A design-led front end developer understands that less is more. The last thing they will do is lose the plot and start adding extra stuff to someone else’s lovely, clean design. It’s best to grab yourself an experienced front end developer in the first place.
  • Allowing time to hatch brilliant ideas – The best designers freely admit it: they spend 90% or more of their time hatching and discarding ideas. It’s an essential part of the task, and something that ultimately delivers excellent results. It usually takes numerous revisions and fiddling to come up with something worth showing the client. You need a developer who understands the importance of all this iteration and reiteration.   
  • Getting the design right to pixel level – As an experienced front-end developer, you know it’s your job to replicate the original design down to the last pixel. Following the design this closely makes a huge  aesthetic difference to the end result.  They know when the letter-spacing they can achieve isn’t quite as precise as that specified by the designer, for example, and they understand when it’s OK to get as close as possible rather than a 100% match.
  • Maintaining an eye for design – The best front-end developers are not scared to ask others’ opinions to identify  improvements. In fact they welcome input from designers and fellow developers, actively seeking it in pursuit of website design perfection. It’s one of the best ways to improve a project in the short term and gain even better development skills in the long term, and something we actively encourage.

To make important web design projects shine, a developer needs a good idea about what’s going on in a designer’s head. Front-end developers like us actively collaborate with designers. We understand what makes great design tick. We understand why a design is the way it is, we’re confident in replicating it and just as confident in asking intelligent questions about how it might work better.

You don’t want ordinary website developers – You deserve extraordinary

An ordinary web developer just doesn’t have that essential depth of knowledge and insight. If you want the best website for your organisation, you want the best kind of developers in the shape of experienced front-enders. That’s exactly what we do: website design in Summertown and beyond, with a real difference.