As our clients would tell you, we’re hot on website design perfection. If it isn’t 100% great to look at, 100% functional, 100% easy to use, 100% technically sound and 100% supportive of your business, it just isn’t good enough.

But there’s more.

Not content with merely creating some of the most beautiful, hard-working, commercially powerful websites around, we decided to deliver a legendary level of support for the WordPress sites we design.

In fact, we offer the same top class WordPress support plans to anyone with a WordPress website that they don’t have the time, skills or inclination to keep up to date, working correctly and ticking all the technical boxes.

We’ve kept things under wraps for as long as we could, busy perfecting our offer. And now we’ve launched to an unsuspecting and delighted world. Out site maintenance product is called MassWP, it’s already proving a big hit, and we’re proud to say you won’t find anything quite like it anywhere else.

If you’d rather hand over to a team of proven experts than tackle a stream of essential WordPress website maintenance, security, updates and so on yourself, that’s what happens when you buy a support plan. And it goes a lot further and deeper than site maintenance alone. Here are some of the juiciest bits.

To discover the full story and pin down the fine detail, head over to our sister support site.

WordPress support – The juicy bits

  • We’ve created a choice of three support plans, each priced differently and tailored to suit a particular set of circumstances
  • Every support plan comes with FREE WordPress-specific hosting, the same 100% reliable host we use, love and trust ourselves
  • Every support plan includes free set-up and onboarding to our host, so you can relax and let it happen
  • Your website’s speed and performance are optimised to the max at all times, for a keen competitive edge
  • Every plan includes rigorous security and backup protocols to keep your site safe and secure
  • If there’s a platform update, plugin, widget, piece of software or anything else that needs updating, we’ll do it for you as soon as the new version becomes available, no delays
  • Your plan includes monthly support hours to cover stuff like bug fixes, email enquiries and phone calls, plus direct access to a team of respected, experienced WordPress developers
  • Our plans also include time for adding and scheduling fresh site content, one-off or regular, to maintain your site’s appeal

Our Partner Plan goes one step further, giving you access to human resources you’d otherwise have to pay a small fortune for elsewhere. At this level, a support package includes high-level strategic advice and planning from people who are acknowledged experts in digital marketing, graphic design, site assessment, SEO, content creation, social media, custom development and more. It even caters for face to face and Skype meetings.

Taken as a whole, a Partner Plan acts as your digital marketing department, a brilliant idea for businesses without the resources to directly employ people like us. We’ll help improve your marketing results, providing cutting edge advice and the support time needed to implement it.

Whatever WordPress support plan you buy, it’ll save you time, cash and stress. Which means you can sit back, relax and concentrate on the aspects of running a successful business. Leave the rest to us.

Want to talk support?

If you’d like to talk to someone about WordPress support, we’ll be delighted to go over things with you. Explore how the support process works in more detail – speak to you soon!