How much does a website cost? It’s a thorny question, and while we’d love to give you a simple, straightforward answer straight away, it’s just not possible.

We get asked the question a lot. Often two minutes into a phone call, after someone has explained what their business is and told us they need a website. And while we do appreciate that you need to know you’re not wasting time on something you won’t be able to afford, we can’t possibly throw a price at you so early in the process! We’d only be guessing, which is no good to anyone.

Why we meet first and quote second

We always ask for a meeting in person before agreeing on a price. There are so many influencing factors to consider. Not least, your budget.

Sadly the people who tend to ask for an immediate price up front are those with the smallest budgets. It’s ironic when every web designer knows that setting a reasonable budget – and putting your money where your mouth is – is a clear signal that a client does place the right amount of value on the process and understands the importance of a top quality outcome.

What influences the cost of website design?

Here are a few key factors that affect our quotes. You can see why giving a web design quote too early isn’t going to end up fair. The amount we quote for website design depends on:

  • The number of pages you need
  • Whether or not you want a custom design
  • Any interactive features
  • If you also need us to handle logo and brand design
  • Whether it’s a full e-commerce site or brochure-ware
  • How complex your procurement process is
  • How quickly you need the site up and running
  • Whether you’re the primary decision maker or there are multiple decision makers
  • If you’ll provide the content and imagery – i.e. The words and pictures to go on your pages
  • Which platform the site is best built on

You’re not buying an off-the-shelf site

In effect, you’re buying our time and expertise, not an off-the-shelf product. If you only have a few hundred pounds to spend it pays for less of our time and your expectations should be lowered accordingly.

Websites that work, which meet people’s business goals, take a lot of expertise, time and care. Especially in today’s hyper-competitive online landscape. That time represents an investment by a web design agency, and the fees also cover the wages of the people working on your project.

You want the best possible job

It’s a match made in heaven: give us all the information we need and we’ll provide you with an accurate, fair quote. Even though we take the right amount of time to get it right, there’s no obligation to proceed.

We take great pride in doing a brilliant job for our website design clients. We’re always happy to provide an accurate quote based on the information we have. But we can’t pull a number out of the fresh air for you. We’d stand no chance of getting it right, and it wouldn’t be fair for anyone concerned. But give us the information we need and we’ll deliver an accurate, fair quote quickly and efficiently… then we can take things from there.