Not so long ago most people thought all the best creative talent was in the capital. But things have changed, and your physical location isn’t anywhere near as important. We know it for sure since we attract London-based clients, a role reversal that was pretty rare in pre-internet days.

In the early 1990s, ‘provincial’ creative agencies were severely under-rated, apart from a tiny handful of agencies like the legendary Leeds-based Judith Donovan Associates, JDA. Does the adage that London agencies are best still apply? We thought we’d go on a meandering mini-voyage of discovery.

London salaries’ knock-on effect

There are some superb agencies in London, stuffed with cutting edge creative and marketing talent. But you could just as easily end up paying a fortune for a relatively ordinary company with crazy-expensive premises to pay for and hefty London salaries to meet.

London-based creative talent commands unusually high salaries. Quite right too, with London property prices what they are. The cost is passed down to clients. Our creative talent isn’t London-based, and it inevitably means we’re cheaper to run.

We’re not cheap, though. We do 100% fair value for money and you get an impressive depth and breadth of expertise from a small yet perfectly formed team of experienced designers, developers, content creators, SEO professionals and digital marketers, some Oxford based, others elsewhere in the country.

There’s much more to choosing an agency than money. How does the London thing stack up as far as the rest goes?

Location is a personality thing, not a talent thing

Plenty of great people flock to the capital for the excitement, bright lights and city-level salaries. Guys like us prefer a mellower life away from the big city hustle and bustle. Where you work is a personality thing, not a talent thing.

We love Oxford. Everyone does. It’s a beautiful city, a world-renowned intellectual powerhouse. And it’s so much smaller than London. We get to work in no time, relaxed and raring to go, all fired up and focused. Would we be in the same positive state of mind if we had to battle the Tube or struggle in on a jam-packed train from the Sussex coast?

Do the people at London design agencies know more?

All of the above means you find excellent web design and fabulous creative talent spread right across the nation. It also means you’re just as likely to find designers who don’t know the ins and outs of on-site search engine optimisation and keyword research in London as anywhere outside it.

Not everyone uses keyword research to find out what the client’s target market is looking for, designing the website’s architecture and content inspired by punters’ real-life desires. But the technical stuff underpinning web design excellence is crucial if you want a website people can find quickly and love to use. It isn’t where an agency is, it’s what they know.

Find website design partners you ‘click’ with

At the end of the day, finding the perfect agency isn’t a money thing or a geography thing. Once you know for sure they can deliver beautiful design and the right level of technical nous, it becomes a click thing. When you click, when you’re a good cultural fit and like each others’ style, you’ve cracked it. And you can find that anywhere in the country, Lands End to John O’Groats. Want to get in touch? Contact us here