Every web design agency has its own way of working with clients: its own approach, processes, procedures, preoccupations and demands. We think it’s important for our clients to know up front what they can expect from us. Here’s what’ll happen when you contact us.

Deciding exactly what you want to achieve

Every website is different. But every good business has a plan, and every good plan includes goals. We don’t think it makes much sense to start designing a website without going through the process of establishing your goals first.

Once we know what you want your website to do in terms of your business plan, we do everything within our power from a planning, structural, navigational, content and design context to support you in hitting the mark.  That’s why our first conversations will involve pinning down your aims and translating them into actions to drive the web design process.

Helping you decide when you’re don’t know where to start

As non-designers, many of our clients don’t really know what they need or want until they see it. If you’re struggling to put together a web design brief for us, no problem. We know enough about business in general, the internet, digital marketing, SEO and contemporary design trends to inform and support your decisions with wisdom, insight and expertise.

Choosing the very best CMS platform for your site

Some agencies insist on designing every site they build from scratch. Which is all very well, but these days there’s really no need.

We love WordPress, one of the world’s favourite website platforms with a brilliantly intuitive and simple user interface, so easy children can and do use it. In the unlikely event WordPress can’t achieve what you need, we’ll provide trustworthy, cost-sensitive, business-focused advice about the next best alternative.

Planning to meet essential website design targets

Planning is key. Rather than start designing straight away and potentially ending up going down all sorts of unnecessary rabbit holes, we plan every step of the web design process and add each step of the plan to a schedule for everyone involved to follow.

Being properly organised from day one means the entire process is carried out in a logical way, step by step, without any time and money-wasting backtracking. And you know what’s due – from us and you – at every stage.

Getting the right stuff at the right time

Intelligent pre-planning means it’s clear and obvious when we need information and other collateral from you.  Stick the key dates in your diary, tackle your obligations in good time and the entire experience is made easier and cleaner for everyone concerned. It’s a great way to work.

Keeping you up to date

As the designers of your website, it’s our job to carry out effective project management. We keep you in the loop at every stage so you always know what’s what, where and when.  All of which makes your life a whole lot easier.

Building in flexibility

You think you know exactly what you want to achieve. But during the website design process new possibilities come to light, stuff you also want to take advantage of or tap into. It might be a search engine algorithm update, new wearable tech or an innovative internet development that turns up completely out of the blue, that nobody could have predicted. It happens.

If something fundamental changes part-way through a project, we’ll weave it into our plan without a fuss. All we ask is if it takes extra time we don’t have spare right now, you’re equally flexible with your delivery date. We prefer collaboration to dictatorship!

Delivering an enjoyable experience

Just because designing a website is a serious business, it doesn’t mean it can’t be a pleasure. Website design is something we love. Our working lives are a pleasure, dedicated to creating beautiful sites we’re genuinely proud of, that work perfectly and provide an unbeatable user experience. Our clients enjoy the experience as much as we do because we work so hard to make it a good one.

Sounds good?

If you like our style and think we’d work well together, we’d love to discuss your next website design project with you. In the meantime if you have any questions about the way we work, feel free to ask it in the comment box below or give us a call.