We do web design. But we also develop websites. What’s the difference? We thought it’d be interesting to look at website development, what it involves and how to tell when you’ve found a talented developer capable of taking your web presence to the max.

What does ‘max’ mean? In this context, it means building a website that looks beautiful, works perfectly, says all the right things to the right people and ticks every search engine box from a technical perspective. Every element of a site build needs to be right or it will never fulfil its full potential.

What’s the difference between web design and web development?

Web design means creating the look, feel, and branding of a website.

A human analogy is useful – the design side involves creating a fully-functional and attractive body with exterior features like the face, hair, eye colour, posture and skin tone. Without a well-designed exterior, you’d be nothing but a fully-functioning yet scary-looking blob of ambulant meat.

Web development is the programming, coding, scripting and data processing side of things, including shopping carts, registration systems and behind-the-scenes search engine optimisation. These elements are what makes the site function correctly in its landscape, which in the UK means the Google-scape. Good coding is your insides: your digestive tract, respiratory system, blood vessels, neural connections, bones and so on. Without which you’d just be an empty but nice-looking bag of skin.

Together good web design and website development make a website equally attractive to search engines and people. That’s technically robust, future proof, easy to use and seriously good looking. Using the human analogy again, great design and development mean a nice-looking, intelligent, fit and healthy person.

Can anyone do both design and development?

Very few people are a dab hand at design and just as good as development, they’re such specialist subjects. Designers don’t usually do great programming and programmers don’t usually have the right sort of artistic talent to tackle web design. We have both types of folk at hand, and they work hand in glove to deliver hard-working sites for our customers.

What’s different about WordPress developers?

What is a WordPress developer? Simple. WordPress developers focus on WordPress. They’re WordPress gurus, and they’re perfect for us since we swear by the platform, using it at every opportunity on behalf of our clients. It’s such a joy to work with and delivers such exceptional results.

The WordPress platform is elegant, simple, astonishingly flexible, secure and continually being improved. And we love it. Take our talented WordPress development team. Our team is responsible for all sorts of remarkably innovative technical solutions we’ve come up with for our clients. It’s great having all this expertise under one ‘roof’, and it means our clients only have to deal with one agency partner. We roll on-site SEO, design, development, build, content and marketing into one so your experience is seamless. That’s what we call taking the pain out of web design project management!

Oxford WordPress developers with a national reach

We’re based in Oxford and work with clients all over the nation, including local companies and national household names. If you’re looking for the best WordPress developer talent, the wonderful interweb means we can work together wherever you’re based.

A crack Oxford WordPress developer team awaits you

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