Don’t sell with propositions – Weave a compelling story. As experienced web designers, we know for a fact that selling works much better when you leave everyday sales propositions alone and create a compelling story instead.

Why is that? If you can imagine your distant ancestors huddling around a fire as the sky darkened, then zoom forwards in time to yourself sitting in front of the telly completely absorbed by a film, you’ll realise both scenarios have a lot in common. Human being are, have always been and probably always will be obsessive storytellers. And all the most successful marketing campaigns, whether it’s talking meerkats or a butch bloke strutting his fantastic stuff in tight shorts and high heels, make a big impact through telling stories that people can’t resist emotional involvement.

We could, for example, have gone on at length about our website design services from a pure business angle, making our message feature-led and dry. But you’d be bored stiff. So we decided to tell our story from a human perspective, framing our motivations and the benefits they confer on our customers in a warmer, less business, sales and marketing-led way.

We put emotion first to create our message. We’ve given our web design agency a beating human heart instead of a sharp, jagged hard sell. We’re a bunch of people who love what we do. We adore doing the best possible job every time. We get a real kick out of creating web presences that attract people like honey bees to flowers. And we’ve told you all that through basic storytelling.

In our experience, it’s far better to forget the data and make a genuine, warm, personal connection with your audience. You don’t sell what you do; share stories about why you do it and how, where, when and for whom. In other words, you don’t sell the features of goods and services. You sell the benefits the products and services provide to the people who buy them.

How to create a winning marketing story

When you examine data, you use the bits of your brain that deal with language to decode its meaning. When you read a story the same bits of your brain light up… but so do the areas you’d use if you were enacting the story yourself. The experience is a lot richer, much deeper, much more meaningful.

It’s much easier to remember the information we take in through stories than it is hard facts. Imagine you’re one of those remarkable people who can remember a million phone numbers or Pi to a thousand decimal places. They don’t do it through memorising endless sequences of dull, dry, meaningless digits. They do it by weaving a complicated ongoing story – often imagined into a journey – to remind themselves of every number in the sequence, in the correct order.

Then there’s daydreaming, which is the act of telling ourselves stories. According to scientific research daydreaming isn’t lazy. Far from it. It’s an essential activity that lets us solve problems and dream up fantastic ideas. We spend about a third of our lives daydreaming, so there’s obviously a significant evolutionary imperative. In other words, it must be vital for the human race’s survival. Never knock a daydreamer!

Top brands understand the power of storytelling, and they harness it to make us love them. Innocent’s charmingly sweet adverts, Coca Cola’s powerful human messages, they all use storytelling to build irresistible websites, create TV ads you want to watch again and again, make quality online content people like to share with hundreds and sometimes thousands of others.

20 types of content that tells a story

Rather than trying to explain how to create story-led online content to delight your audience, we thought it’d be more useful to jot down 16 types of content that’ll have a much bigger and better impact than dry, dull, factual, feature-led stuff.

Just like us, all human beings love stories that:

  1. Make them laugh or cry
  2. Allow them to empathise
  3. Drive them to take action (which is why direct marketing is such a powerful discipline)
  4. Make them want to do better / be better / perform better / love ourselves and others more
  5. Make them realise how dreams can and do come true
  6. Reveal precious secrets
  7. Make them feel they’re unique and special
  8. Challenge their assumptions / confirm their assumptions
  9. Remind them life is short
  10. Make them feel determined not to give in
  11. Inspire them to do better things
  12. Provide a fresh point of view about ordinary matters
  13. Reveal secrets and take them in unexpected directions
  14. Take them on a journey
  15. Make them feel they’re important
  16. Educate and entertain at the same time

Crafting compelling content for your website

We bring all this into play to write beautiful, practical, entertaining, useful, exciting and inspiring content for your site. We don’t just write content. We write memorable, unique, response-focused content that hits the sensitive, sweet spot every time. Get in touch with us today and don’t settle for anything less!