As a web design and development agency, what should you do when a client wants you to collaborate with another agency?

You could get all huffy and refuse to share the project with potential competitors. Or you could stop, weigh up the pros and cons and, if they stack up, say ‘yes’. Such collaborations can be a nightmare. But done right, carefully nurtured and paid attention to, they can bring a website design and development project to vibrant life.

Say you’re looking for an Oxford web design partner but you also need proven expertise in TV advertising. We’d be happy to partner up with an agency with the right level of TV advertising talent and experience. It makes sense.

11 times to say ‘yes’ to collaboration with another agency

As a leading Oxford web design agency, wholly confident in our skills and expertise, we’re happy to consider positive inter-agency partnerships under some circumstances. It might, for example, make a lot of sense to work with another agency on a client project when:

  1. The agency your client suggests you collaborate with holds similar values and has a complimentary working culture
  2. They have different types and levels of expertise, and together you provide the client with more than the sum of the parts. Maybe they bring direct response expertise to the party while you’re the best-in-breed for graphics excellence and site development innovation
  3. The lines of communication are clear, defined up front and agreed by everyone on the project, so adding more people to the equation doesn’t mean administrative chaos
  4. You could do with the extra resources to bring the project in on time / on budget and delight your client so much they’ll want lots more from you
  5. There’s more than enough work for everyone – which is usually the case
  6. Another agency has a lot to teach you, and vice versa, to your advantage and your clients
  7. The relationship has potential. It might grow into something seriously useful, where you help each other out whenever it’s needed
  8. When you can share best practice, creating even better common processes and procedures that are so effective they blow people away
  9. When you can easily manage client expectations together without getting all competitive and tetchy
  10. When you’re prepared to focus on how interesting it is to meet like-minded people, all solving similar challenges in entirely different ways
  11. When you’re confident enough in your abilities to let ‘outsiders’ contribute

7 reasons to say ‘no’ to inter-agency collaboration

Sometimes, though, the only answer is a resounding ‘no’! Here’s when to turn down collaborative inter-agency work.

  1. When there simply isn’t a good enough business reason for doing so
  2. When the client relationship is getting horribly rocky and you think fresh blood might help heal the rift
  3. When you suspect the client wants to play you against one another, to their advantage but everyone else’s disadvantage
  4. When the agency in question doesn’t bring anything extra to the party – all you’d be doing is doubling up on the same levels and types of expertise and experience
  5. When the client apparently just wants more for less or wishes to scare you into offering a discount
  6. When you can see from the offset that the communications aspect of things is going to be an absolute nightmare
  7. When the cultural fit is dreadful – their way of doing business couldn’t be more different or any less appealing

Flexible, business-led Oxford WordPress developers at your service

If a client comes to us with strong ideas about working closely with another agency, we’ll give their request every consideration as long as it’s clear the partnership will bring business benefits to everyone concerned. Just give us a call to talk things over.