Some people think it’s a mere matter of lovely colours and attractive fonts. But there’s much more to graphic design than a pretty face, and a lot more to web design life than aesthetics alone.

What’s the difference between good and bad design? We thought it’d be interesting to explore what great graphic design is, how it affects website users and how it ultimately benefits business.

Where can I get great web design?

If you’re cutting corners, thinking about using your mum’s cousin’s friend who ‘dabbles in’ design because they think it’s cool, forget it. Graphic design is a particular skill, a complex discipline, something people spend a lot of time and effort learning. It isn’t something that anyone with the right software can just do, with no training or experience.

What is great design?

An exquisite website design does all sorts of clever things:

  • Reflects the business’s brand accurately and creatively
  • Creates maximum clarity for the user
  • Harnesses logic and common sense
  • Tells a story without words
  • Supports and enhances the impact of written content
  • Inspires visitors both consciously and unconsciously
  • Forms a visually relevant skeleton on which to hang messages
  • Helps drive users in the right direction, whether it’s an active buying decision or merely feeling new respect for a brand
  • Has direct response marketing principles and best practice at its heart
  • Focuses on the needs of the user
  • Harnesses a broad collection of proven creative techniques

What is the purpose of great design?

Great design isn’t always flashy, loud and in your face. Nor is it always self-effacing and subtle. The best designers take a long, hard look at the business in question – and their business objectives – then design something which directly reflects the expectations of the target audience.

As such great design isn’t always what you, as a business owner, wants. It’s about what your target audience will respond best to.

Great design versus crap design

Good-looking graphics grab the attention of people who wouldn’t otherwise bother with a message. Poorly done design has the power to put interested people right off. Whether you’re aware of it or not, bad design will alienate you. It isn’t a designer thing; it’s a human thing.

You can add poor content to a brilliant web design, and the site won’t work as well as it could. The same goes for adding excellently written content to a rubbish layout: the site’s full commercial potential will never be realised.

The same goes for any and every piece of marketing collateral: web pages, landing pages, adverts, advertorials, posters, leaflets, direct mail packs, brochures, postcards… success always rests, to a large extent, on getting the design bit right.

We do great design… every time

We enjoy nothing better than creating beautiful, fully functional, marketing-led designs for our clients. And we bring a considerable amount of graphic design expertise and professionalism into play to achieve exactly that on your business’s behalf. If you like the sound of great design, walk this way. Let’s talk