We’ve just designed a stunning new website for you. If we say so ourselves it looks fan-bloody-tastic… and it isn’t even populated with written content yet.

Next we need to add meat to the lovely bones we’ve created. In other words, insert the copy. And that’s where things often go pear-shaped.

We know what you need. You know you need to provide it… but getting down to business and writing commercial copy isn’t quite as straightforward as it seems, so you end up leaving it far too late or not doing it at all.

Here’s why timely written content is so relevant, the reasons why we’ll nag you until it’s done If you don’t like the sound of being nagged, not to worry. We have professionals on tap who can create good-enough-to-eat website copy on your behalf or just support your people in doing an excellent job. Just ask.

The importance of written content – Delivering your project on time

Website content is crucial for three simple reasons.

  1. One, it has an SEO function. Words tell search engines exactly what your site is about so they can surface the most relevant information for users
  2. Two, it inspires visitors to read on and drives them to act, whether it’s finding out more, buying, applying for something, providing feedback or asking questions
  3. Three, and the most important in the context of this post, your website will never be finished, never mind usable, without it

The longer your site languishes without written content, the more opportunities you’re missing to capture people’s interest, inspire them and encourage them to buy. In fact, without written material on board, we can’t even make your site live and release it into your capable hands. There’s no point launching a website without words.

When our customers provide the content on time, we deliver the project on time. Otherwise, you’re stuck, we’re stuck, people go off that all-important boil, and we all end up going nowhere. It’s no fun for us when we love what we do and take such pride in doing a brilliant job.

Help with sticking to your end of the bargain

We always aim to agree on sensible deadlines with our clients… and stick to them. As you can imagine it’s the most efficient, cost-effective way to design and build a website. But we spend a lot of time chasing people for content while being held to deadlines, not fair when the delay is out of our control. For a bunch of efficient perfectionists like us, it’s painful. We much prefer to spend our working days smiling!

Luckily there’s no real need for delays. A good copywriter will rise to the challenge by either:

  • Collecting the information they require then writing the content for you
  • Collaborating with internal talent at your end to help you produce your content

What’s the perfect time to think about website content?

Web design projects are much more effective when launched on time, on a budget, with good content planned and delivered on time. When do you need to put your website content hat on? We recommend thinking about content from the very beginning, deciding early on:

  • What site pages you need – for example, home, about, services/products, pricing, deliveries, FAQ and contact pages plus deeper pages containing the fine detail. A simple list will do
  • The key points you want to get over on each page – This can also be as simple as a bullet list, something any good commercial writer will be able to run with
  • The tone of voice that’ll most appeal to your target audience – Bearing in mind Plain English is always the prerogative
  • The person or people who will create the content – whether it’s you, a staff member or a freelance copywriter

In an ideal world, you’ll start writing your content as soon as you’ve signed the design itself off, once everyone can clearly see what’s needed and where it needs to go. From then on it should be plain sailing. As soon as your content is ready, we’ll upload it to your new site and off we go. Result!

Help is on hand

We include a content provision in our website design schedule, so you’ll always know what’s needed, when. We can point you in the direction of a few trusted professional copywriters if your internal writer needs support, or you just want to hand the whole content creation thing over to someone else.