We love it. Whether it’s Oxford web design for local businesses or designing sites for international brands, it’s something the entire Mass Impressions team finds totally absorbing, endlessly fascinating and completely satisfying. Job satisfaction? We own it.

It goes without saying that it helps enormously to work with clients who feel the same way as us about web design excellence, prioritising quality. The sites we design are our digital children. We want to send them out into the world well brought up, attractive, immaculate and fully-functioning. Then we can get even more pleasure vicariously, from seeing them do an excellent job.

Likeability scores high in the Mass Impressions camp

The biggest pleasure of all is simple. We love working with people we like. No matter how exciting the project, or how big the budget, you can’t replace the people side of things.

It’s not unusual or extraordinary. Human beings are always happier when they’re engaging, collaborating, working and communicating with people they like, people who are actually more like friends. It’s much easier to reach a common goal, and so much more enjoyable.

Liking people in a business context means more than that beautiful, warm, human connection you feel when you click with someone, although that’s enormously important. It’s such a buzz working with people you like. But in a working environment liking also means having the same basic outlook on how to get stuff done.

When it clicks, it’s magic

When you click as a team, the whole web design process clicks into clockwork mode, like magic. When you don’t it can be a horribly lumpy ride. When you’re on the same page about deadlines you tick things off the list in the right order, to schedule, and everyone enjoys getting there. Designing websites for like-minded folk on the same wavelength, with a similar work ethic, means things never get FUBAR, if you’ll pardon our French.

You deserve a perfectly-delivered website

The same goes for you. If you’re looking for a web design partner to develop a website for you, or update your curent site, it’s important to find website development partners you like as human beings. People you warm to, who have the same core values around collaborating on important projects, and genuinely value the working relationship.

Likeability in a business context

We’re not the first to notice how likeability is powerful medicine in a business context. It’s also a biggie in a marketing context. Likeonomics: The Unexpected Truth Behind Earning Trust, Influencing Behavior, and Inspiring Action by Rohit Bhargava (ISBN: 9781118137536), reveals how likeable brands score high by being more human, open, plain-speaking, confident enough to admit to their mistakes and man enough to apologise unreservedly. Give it a read.

We’re a team of friendly, honest, efficient people who like working with other friendly, nice, honest people. We don’t like power play, ego building or control freakery. We’re not ‘yes men’. But we love nothing more than a smooth, satisfying, highly effective website development project, and we thrive on collaborating with hard-working people who do business likeably.

Want to create website design magic with us?

If you like the sound of the way we operate and enjoy building warm, human, long-term relationships with the businesses you work with, we will enjoy exploring the web design possibilities with you. Let’s talk.