Talk is cheap. WordPress Speaks Louder!

We’ve been working with WordPress since the year dot. It’s as familiar as an old friend, but we never take it for granted. We’re constantly impressed by the way it can be developed to fulfil more or less any brief, and always does a superb job for our clients.

New and prospective clients, however, don’t always have the same level of familiarity. If you’re thinking about approaching us for a web design, redesign or development project and you’re not 100% au fait with the wonders of WordPress, here’s why we love it so much, and why you’ll ultimately love it even more.

Why we always use WordPress

Firstly, WordPress has been around for a long, long time in digital terms, a full ten years. In the beginning it was a dedicated blogging programme, the best-in-breed loved by millions and adopted by the world’s best-respected bloggers. And that’s what a lot of people think it still is.

But time has moved on and WordPress has morphed into a remarkable platform on which you can build any kind of digital presence you like, from a video download site to a gallery, ticket retailer, shop, business, forum, community, network, brochure site, personal presence or anything else you care to dream up. In other words, it’s a  a full-fledged content management system including all the bells and whistles you could possibly want.

Mature is beautiful – Proven in a huge range of circumstances

The platform’s venerable age also means it has been tested continually, to within an inch of its life, by literally millions of people, literally millions of times. There’s no way a proprietary CMS could come anywhere close to this level of stability, sustainability, scalability, reliability and maturity.

This isn’t an eccentric, bespoke system full of bugs and quirks. It’s wholly professional, utterly reliable, and as a result it’s the single most popular CMS in existence. In fact WordPress powers an astonishing 25% of the internet. And it’s used by a bewildering array of top class, blue chip brands and businesses as well as millions of SMEs and individuals.

All this, and it’s Open Source too

WordPress is maintained by the WP community, and it’s a classic example of the Open Source phenomenon. Read the papers and you’d be forgiven for thinking the entire internet is the devil’s playground. But in reality it’s a place that encourages sharing, a generous space where dedicated, hard working people are perfectly prepared to give away the fruits of their hard work to others who will benefit from it.

You could spend a small (or huge) fortune getting a development team to create a brand new, bespoke CMS for you. But that’d be silly when WordPress is free for everyone to use. All you pay for is the design and development that makes your WordPress site uniquely beautiful, functioning perfectly to meet your exact needs.

If you do happen to run into issues or don’t know where to turn for information, the WordPress Support Forums are your first stop. They’re staffed by WP-obsessed experts who’ll pitch in with sensible advice.

Keeping your online presence safe from mischief makers

With more than 10 years online, WordPress has matured into a remarkably secure, safe and solid platform. Over the years the people working on it have kept it future-proof, improving security to such an extent that, these days, it’s famously secure and safe.

Yes, people might try to hack your website. It happens. But following a few simple security protocols and keeping things up to date means your site is not low-hanging fruit. It’s tough to get into, which is a great deterrent. Add a choice of excellent added security plug-ins and things are even more secure. Better still, the platform’s security is constantly being updated, vital in the fast-changing online world where mischief makers and baddies are engaged in a constant game of catch-up with the good guys. And gals.

You might have heard rumours about security issues. These are almost always caused by old versions of plugins, or old versions of WP itself, which should have been updated. Many hacks are down to unwise and unsafe passwords, also easily avoidable. You can’t expect to leave your front door open day and night and never get an intruder!

Automatically search engine friendly

WordPress is search engine friendly out of the box, designed with SEO in mind. Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team at Google, is a big fan and uses WordPress himself. It’s automatically mobile-friendly too, displaying beautifully on every size of screen without the need for a separate mobile site.

Ridiculously easy to drive

A child could drive a WordPress site. Really. It’s wholly intuitive, beautifully simple and perfectly logical. Content creation is a dream, no more challenging than using an everyday word processing package. There’s no coding at all, unless you want to dive in and change things inside the guts of the CMS for some reason. And it’s one of the most customisable tools you could imagine.

Loads of brilliant resources and simple external integration

The growing WordPress directory is already home to more than 40,000 plugins and thousands of themes, all free. It dovetails perfectly with essential external tools like PayPal, making it easy to join up the dots. And it’s built for multi-media, allowing you to add images, videos, audio and any other medium quickly and easily for top-notch content.

Collaborate to your heart’s content

WordPress is naturally collaborative. That’s great news when it’s rare that only one person is responsible for running and maintaining a website. You can use tick boxes to allocate responsibilities like editing and adding new content to specific individuals. Responsibilities are clearly defined, which makes everything a whole lot easier to handle.

Future proofing for your website

Once your WordPress website is launched, the good work carries on. You’ll be notified about platform and plugin updates. And when the next Big Thing comes along, whatever it might be, you can rest assured the WordPress community will spring into action in record time to make sure the platform is capable of adopting all that great new innovative stuff from day one.

WordPress’ Matt Mullenweg deserves the last word. He says he wants to see the platform achieve a 50% market share. Whatever the internet throws at you, you can rely on WordPress to handle it with style and panache.

So, that’s why we insist on WordPress. If you’re coming our way, you’ll know the score. We’ll look forward to meeting you!