What we learn working alongside the world’s best WordPress team

We love Avada, the WordPress theme framework that has revolutionised our website design. And it’s a whole lot more than a mere set of tools and resources to help us build snazzy looking websites. In our experience it’s a powerful tool for designing sites that look beautiful, work perfectly, and users find irresistible.

We bring it into play for our clients, creating potent messaging for memorable brands. We’re lucky enough to work in an exclusive partnership with ThemeFusion on a daily basis, alongside their team. It’s a privilege. So what have we learned working alongside Avada’s WordPress developers, the world’s finest?

Why start from scratch?

Thanks to the Avada team, we know that unique looks and functionality don’t mean constantly reinventing the wheel. Avada provides us with the ability to build sites in practically any style, for any purpose, which means we don’t waste your time and budget starting the web design process from scratch, from raw code upwards, something that’s rarely a good use of a client’s budget. It’s much more important for us to understand a client’s business and the context it operates in, and use our time delivering directly into those business needs. Would you trust a car that a small team built for you more than a fully customized Mercedes Benz that just rolled of the production line to your exact specifications? Most people would choose the latter.

Excellence never stands still

Avada is never ‘finished’. The team is constantly tweaking it in response to everything from new online security threats to web design trends, new tech to changes in the overall e-commerce scene. They do this with more than 250,000 active users, testing and refining the WordPress Theme Framework on a daily basis. It’s the only way to work when the internet changes as fast as a fast thing from a very fast place, and just as frequently.

When you’re working in a moveable feast of a landscape, you also need your website to be a moveable feast. Avada is exactly that, a framework that evolves along with the internet itself, and the habits and preferences of the people who use it. With ambitious plans in place for the next two years, the system Avada taps into refines and improves like no other in WordPress. It’s powerful stuff.

Every problem is an opportunity

Most theme developers focus on sales and treat support as an afterthought. The people at ThemeFusion see support as the cornerstone of their success, the foundation from which everything else stems. In their – and out – experience, a clever combination of swift response times and listening carefully to recurring feature requests – and emerging bugs – means they get a constant stream of vital feedback from more than a quarter of a million users. Which they respond to with innovative new features designed to resolve the issues. It’s a great way to work, and it makes a whole lot of sense.

Fiercely competitive – ThemeFusion never sit on their laurels

Nobody has a right to hold onto the title of ‘best in the world’. Like an Olympic or Paralympic athlete, you’re there to be knocked down… and everyone wants to beat you. It’s ThemeFusion’s job to lead from the front, which they do through hard work, innovation and a commitment to the solid core values they started with. In such a competitive marketplace their success is no coincidence. Watching them in action has changed our own practices and procedures, and made our offering to clients all the more focused.

Remote teams work perfectly in today’s hyper-connected world

The people involved with ThemeFusion work remotely, something that’s perfectly possible in today’s super-connected world. Luke Beck their founder is based in the US, and in our experience the whole comms thing works like a dream. It’s a model we’ve tried, tested and found to be excellent, both for us and our clients. It’s an increasingly small world and most businesses face the same challenges, regardless of their context. We enjoy working as part of a remote team and actively work with clients across the globe.

We’re lucky to be able to work with anyone, anywhere in the world

Thanks to having one common language – Avada – we fulfill an all-important role: focusing on helping businesses grow while meeting the needs of their teams and owners. It’s thrilling being able to play a small but essential part in shaping something so exciting, so popular and so appropriate for today’s business landscape, right at the cutting edge of such an exciting industry.

See what we do with Avada – Check out our portfolio

Alternatively, you can purchase Avada from ThemeForest and start creating your own Avada website today. Would you like to see some of the brilliant things we do with Avada? Check out our portfolio – and if you’re as committed to building your site on the world’s best WordPress Theme Framework as we are, get in touch. We can do great things together.