You’ve heard about integrated marketing. We thought it’d be interesting to take a look at the theory of integrated marketing and how combining your messages and creative approach delivers a great deal more than the sum of the parts.

What is integrated marketing?

It’s a simple principle. When you use the same kind of language and look the same way whenever you engage with your target audience, you end up much more recognisable than if you take a different tone and change your brand’s livery every time you communicate.

In marketing speak, integrating means creating a marketing strategy focusing on consistent, seamless, multi-dimensional brand experiences. When every campaign you launch, whether it’s on telly or in print, online or offline, is presented in a similar style, you constantly reinforce your message.

The power of repetition

You can get a feel for the power of integration by watching adverts on telly. You’ll notice that the first time you see a new advert, it doesn’t make much sense. The second time you see it, the plot begins to emerge. The third time you ‘get’ it and everything falls into place. Every time you see the advert after that, the message is reinforced. That’s more or less how integrated marketing works.

Imagine every time a business advertised on telly it created an entirely new advert and spoke in a completely different tone of voice? It’d probably put you right off. It’s an extreme example, but you get the point. The consistency of appearance and tone of voice is much more powerful – therefore more effective – than being all over the place.

Media fragmentation makes integration essential

Before the internet, integrated marketing worked beautifully. Now it works even better. Media fragmentation means people are being desensitised, blasted by countless marketing messages at every turn, online and offline. In a landscape like this, those who stand out do so because they’re recognisable. And because recognising a brand makes them seem more reliable and trustworthy, it’s a powerful force for marketing good.

3 steps to marketing integration

  • Create a strong, focused overall brand image
  • Communicate with a clear, consistent voice
  • Maintain a consistent look and feel across multiple media

Whichever media you want to use for your next digital or offline marketing campaign, our design expertise means your business will look, feel and sound consistent, from print to offline and everything in between.