As a web design agency in North Oxford, you’d think we had an exclusively local focus. We do work with local businesses, of course, but we also work internationally… and we absolutely love it. Here’s why.

International website design, Summertown and way beyond!

We like to take on the design and development projects that interest us most, challenge our expertise in the most exciting and interesting ways, and deliver plenty of opportunities for regular retainer work. Plenty of people feel working on an international basis is too complicated, too onerous, too challenging to handle. In our experience it’s none of the above. For a start it means we can choose who to work with, cherry-picking wonderful web design and development projects from a much wider market.

A remote team opens up much more potential

We’ve been operating a remote team for years, and it’s a great way to work. Having a large remote team available when needed means we have plenty of experts at hand to keep up regular direct contact with our clients.

Our team members have all been carefully chosen for their flexibility, expertise and experience. They’re all perfectly capable of making a great job of the client-facing side of website design projects, which means we can comfortably take on more projects than we’d be able to handle with a traditional web design agency hierarchy and structure.

Exposure to new and exciting markets

We operate in a global economy, so it makes a lot of sense to broaden our scope and reach to include clients from other continents. A global outlook benefits them, helping them reach new markets with beautiful, functional, localised multilingual and international websites.

We love flexible working

Time zones aren’t a problem when your team contains all sorts of people, from natural early birds to night owls and everything in between. Not only that, the way the global economy is set up, there are tried and trusted ways of keeping communications flowing 24/7. In a world where genuine flexible working hasn’t yet taken off as predicted, we’re miles ahead of the pack.

Cross-cultural website design

There are all sorts of cool things you can do to optimise a website for international trade. The simplest things include in-country domains, fast page load speed, and using fewer text-based images. We make sure a website’s layout can survive machine translations without ruining the layout. We ensure the cultural meaning of colour is taken into account so it delivers the right message. And we create shopping carts that easily handle international payments. The ability to interact with customers in any language, plus cutting-edge international SEO, means our clients’ businesses enjoy a much wider reach.

Want to go global? Walk this way…

If you’re planning to trade internationally or want to expand your current presence and go global, you need to think local, creating a website that can be easily translated and adapted for different languages and cultures. By thinking internationally from the offset, your life becomes a lot easier down the line. Give us a call to find out how we can help widen your potential.