The best Avada developers understanding Avada deeply

The Avada Framework from ThemeFusion is one of the most beautiful, popular and versatile website development frameworks on the planet. We use it all the time, and our digital marketing and wordpress development clients adore it. So what, exactly, does it mean to be an Avada expert?

Being an Avada expert means using the amazing Avada framework to develop sites that look great, work perfectly and meet genuine, real-life business needs. It means focusing our client’s investment where it matters most, giving them the right level of control over their online identity, achieving maximum impact on their behalf, and delivering excellent long-term results.

The best Avada developers understanding Avada deeply

The Avada framework is the best on the market. Purchase a copy, buy a domain name, get yourself some decent web hosting, and you can start to build any design you can imagine. In just a few days you can launch a professional looking website without the need to invest in designers or developers. You can achieve results that were previously reserved for much larger companies, usually limited to highly skilled developers. So can everyone be an Avada expert? And if so, why would you need people like us?

A good question, an even better answer

It’s a big issue, and one we encourage you to ask us. Why do you need a healthy budget? The answer doesn’t lie with the technology, although Avada helps, but in how we use it and the choices made along the way. To make Avada work for your business, you need input from professional designers and marketers. That’s what we bring to the party.

You can save thousands on web projects just by giving developers the mechanisms they need so they don’t have to start from scratch every time. But the most successful websites communicate quickly and simply with people. They engage… and then they convert. That’s no accident, and surprisingly little of the conversion process is to do with technology. It’s the thinking. The strategy. The art of telling a story and creating an experience.

Because all the tech is already in place, an Avada developer focuses on what generates results and how best to communicate with your audience. That’s what changes your business, and that’s what changes lives. Yes, Avada is a beautiful instrument. But it’s just an instrument – and we’re the musicians.

Child themes mean no creative limitations

Avada releases significant updates every couple of months. These provide new features, added options and iron out any gremlins in the system. They do more in a single update than most teams building custom CMS’ will manage in the lifetime of the CMS, and the life of your website. And you’re going to want to get some of that!

The most counter-productive thing you can do is buy into Avada and then limit your ability to benefit from new features. To be safe, you need to make sure the customisations you make don’t get overwritten. That means developing a website carefully and mindfully in a child theme, leaving Avada itself intact. That’s exactly what Avada experts do, easy to miss unless you know the ropes.

Choices – So much better than options

A great Avada site is brought to life through a broad understanding of how the framework works. How do you make global theme options play nicely with local page options, for example? Or when should you use a plugin rather than the theme itself?

We’ve seen some badly-developed Avada sites, where things have gone horribly wrong because the developers didn’t understand the sheer power at their fingertips, harnessing old fashioned thinking inside new world technology. It takes time to understand this. A professionally developed Avada site will be built in the right way, the way its creators Theme-Fusion intend for it to be used. Then and only then are the results entirely flexible, easy to manage and beautifully on-point.

An expert designs with Avada in mind

An Avada expert knows exactly what Avada is capable of, and how to play to its strengths to simplify the development process. You can build almost anything, but some layouts are naturally easier to create and build with than others.

There’s more. Some designs will work better on mobiles and tablets than others, for example. If the design is practical, the management of the page in Fusion Builder is naturally more logical. And logic is vital. We never show our clients designs that we can’t build in Avada, even if it means having to mock up a simple un-styled Avada prototype to test our models. If your designer and developer get practical at the design stage, it’s a sure sign you have an Avada expert on your hands.

Less is more – Chill with the features

It’s like being a kid in a sweet shop. But just because you have hundreds of features available, it doesn’t mean you should use them all. Quite the opposite. An Avada expert knows how many options are there, and makes intelligent choices on the understanding that less is usually more.

How quickly, easily and simply can you communicate with your audience? What speaks to them? You want to achieve a healthy balance between making an impact and delivering your message swiftly. Because we tend to limit the number of builder elements we use and switch off any we’re not using, your website ends up elegant, easy to use and loads quickly.

Invest where it matters most

As Avada experts we start by listening to our clients, understanding their business context and taking into account the challenges they face. It means planning time, meeting time and designer time. It means testing, it means great content, and it means expert development.

So many times, we’ve seen clients come to us with projects that failed because the process was 80% development and 20% the rest. Avada allows us to distribute that time a lot more evenly. Sure, our developers still spend a huge amount of time building out bespoke designs and tailoring them to the client’s needs. But in our experience the results always improve when we spend more time with you, more time understanding your business context, and more time developing on Avada.

Complementing the framework with great plugins

Knowledge is power. If a well supported plugin provides a genuine advantage and complements the theme, we’ll use it. As Avada experts we know the platform so well that we also know when to step away and use complimentary tech.

Avada provides an unbeatable framework, the perfect foundation. It’s important to know when to turn to a plugin. We use ACF to manage global content. We could do it in Avada but ACF gives us quicker control over content that needs to appear across multiple pages, updateable from one place. Avada recommends Contact Form 7 too, but it has styles for Gravity Forms. We use Gravity Forms on everything we do.

Valuing your key role in website development

Modern web development isn’t about who does it. It’s about what you do with it. And that means empowering the people who shape the strategy of their company with the tech they need to take control.

An Avada expert values your role in the site’s development. That’s the point. Avada is about putting you back in control of your own web strategy. An expert will encourage you to learn how it works. They’ll show you how to update your own content. They’ll share their expertise. And they’ll hand the technology over to you.

If that’s the level and type of partnership you’d like, we’ll be thrilled to hear from you. Partner with Avada experts like us and your website will work better, look better, and you’ll have a lot more control over your own commercial destiny… which is exactly the way it should be.