Are WordPress developers right to claim WordPress is the best?

Are WordPress developers right to claim WordPress is the best?

There’s Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Squarespace, and Shopify. They are all excellent platforms on which to build your online business. Many custom-built solutions still try to cope with the pace of change online. However, as Oxford WordPress developers, we believe WordPress remains the only sensible choice for most modern business needs. Consequently, we always enjoy introducing our clients to the WordPress platform and showing off how our Oxford WordPress developers have translated their business needs into interactive online solutions. No other platform allows us to deliver so consistently on the promises we make to our clients. Moreover, here’s why.

You hold the cards; you are in charge

WordPress lets site owners hang onto the reins, retaining full ownership. As a result, all the site files are yours, hosted on your account or server, in your name. You have copyright on your words, and the page files themselves belong to you. While us WordPress developers are simply there to ease that process.

Furthermore, it matters because unless you are in control, the platform your site sits on can change its pricing without so much as a by your leave. If the price goes too high and exceeds your budget, and you want to back out, you are left having to reconstruct everything on an alternative platform. That is bad enough when your site only has a few pages, but it is a nightmare when your site runs to hundreds of pages, something that’s far from unusual. Almost every creative agency will have their WordPress developers, and they will be able to pick up your site and work with you on it quickly.

WordPress is here to stay

There’s more. What if the platform your site sits on unexpectedly folds and disappears for good? What happens to your backups? Can you back anything up at all, and if you do can those files be reconstructed on a different server? There are probably no guarantees.

WordPress is self-hosting, which means you own your files. You can back them up when you like, as often as needed, and change the server or host whenever you need to. You are the owner of all your site files. Choose an excellent WordPress backup plugin like Blogvault, and you can migrate your site in just a handful of clicks. Most of them do not even need WordPress developers to setup. Nobody else can steal your content without your consent. It is your job to decide how your content gets monetised. Moreover, the income you generate is all yours.

High levels of; you at your fingertips

Most noteworthy, WordPress is famously flexible and infinitely customisable, which means you are in total control of the way it looks, what it contains and how it works. Almost all WordPress developers will set up your site so that it handles absolutely anything and everything you could want to do with a website. As a result, it is wonderfully flexible; you do not even have to be a WordPress developer to get started.

Say you want to make profound changes to your business plan, your goals, and ambitions. You will find you evolve beyond your initial business needs. WordPress’ great flexibility means it offers the ultimate in functionality, across the board, which means it is remarkably well future-proofed.

Elegant simplicity sits at the heart of the interface

There’s always a learning curve. However, the WordPress interface, you can get the basics under your belt quickly, and the rest is entirely sensible and logical, intuitive to grasp. If you can use Microsoft Word or email, you can probably drive WordPress.

There’s a lot to be said for knowing how the guts of your business website work. It puts you in a position of power, delivering all manner of fascinating business-critical insights along the way as well as access to a multitude of creative options.

Everyday site administration jobs like adding new content and pages, sharing images and video are all very easy to do, and fast. Moreover, if you get stuck, there’s a massive dedicated WordPress community out there, thousands of bright people all delighted to help you get where you want to be. They will probably answer just about any question you ought to ask.

More bang for your buck

Have a limited budget? WordPress developers can often work with that. Have a massive budget the size of Wales? WordPress is perfect. It is infinitely scalable, it is open source software, and it is entirely free to use. Aside from your web design and WordPress development costs, all you pay for is hosting, domain and keeping the current software registration, which you would have to cover whatever platform you choose. WordPress means you can get a new site up-and-running extremely cost-effectively without steep monthly fees.

Learn how WordPress works, and you also probably save on ongoing WordPress development costs. You only add new content and functionality yourself. If you have to invest, premium themes and plugins can deliver more bang for your buck, adding extra functionality and allowing for stunning contemporary designs. We work closely with the ThemeFusion, the team behind the Avada Theme Framework. Avada is the best selling WordPress theme of all time, and it would probably be a great place to start.

What’s the verdict on WordPress?

In conclusion, WordPress is infinitely flexible, supports design excellence beautifully, is always up-to-date and offers exceptional functionality. We have been using it for years, and we have never looked back. Most of all, nor have our clients. Furthermore, those WordPress developers are right. Don’t accept less than the best! If you would like to talk to us about how our Oxford WordPress developers can help you move onto the WordPress platform, get in touch today