The majority of our clients are perfectly happy for us to use our expertise to build a website that meets their needs. We’re the experts, after all. Now and again someone has a few questions, and some of these issues concern WordPress. As WordPress professionals, we know the CMS inside out, and back to front, we’ve worked with it for years and recommend it to everyone. Here are 13 lucky reasons why WordPress is the best-in-breed.

Why you can’t beat WordPress

  1. WordPress is about much more than blogging. In the early days, back in 2001, WP was the original and best personal blogging platform. Now, many years later, it is an all singing, all-dancing base on which to build every kind of website, from galleries to ecommerce, brochureware, and interactive sites, sit beautifully. Don’t confuse with – the first is a full software package, a complete CMS, and the second is a personal website host very much like Blogger and Tumblr
  2. WordPress is installed on your server or your host’s server, which means you own the lot, and your designer has 100% creative freedom
  3. WP uses uber-reliable programming languages like PHP and SQL, which is why it can be used to build more or less every kind of website
  4. There are around 40,000 free plugins developers use to tweak and tailor the functionality and appearance of every aspect of a site, which makes the entire build thing easier, faster and less costly – why reinvent the hand-coding wheel when it’s all there for you, off the shelf?
  5. You can use existing themes, but the best WordPress developers only use themes as a starting point on the way to creating a unique design
  6. WordPress is perfect for any size of the website, tiny to massive. The world’s favorite CMS used by the world’s biggest brands, people like the New York Times, Mercedes-Benz and Vogue. In fact, at August 2015, WordPress powered almost a quarter of all websites online, and more than 80% of designers and developers working on CMS-based websites choose it
  7. WordPress supports SEO excellence, too. It’s an SEO powerhouse, coded specifically for search engines’ needs from the offset. And a vast range of plugins helps your search engine rankings
  8. WordPress websites are naturally responsive, which means there’s no need to faff around building a separate site to display correctly on small screens and mobile devices, also great for SEO. It means it’s easier for people to access your site on the move without you having to spend a fortune making it so or reverse-engineering the code to cope. WP actively supports responsive themes, and if a theme isn’t responsive enough, the WP community will make it so
  9. WordPress is secure, whatever else you might have heard. Their sister company Automattic employs more than 25 online security experts to keep it that way. As long as you update the platform whenever you’re asked to, the WP core is safe from attacks
  10. How come it’s free if it’s so good? Cynical types often ask this question but less cynical folk understand how a community of like-minded people is happy to provide a brilliant service for free, for the common good of everyone operating online. WP is open-source, and you really can use it any way you like. The massive and highly talented community of WP volunteers provides free updates and upgrades, and the entire software package is licensed under the GNU General Public License. It’s all yours. Really!
  11. How good can they be if they give stuff away for nothing? Superb, as it turns out. Altruism is alive and well online, as it always has been, and WP is one of the best-known examples of internet altruism around. In fact, WordPress meets all the World Wide Web Consortium’s guidelines as well as taking into account best practice for Google, Bing, and Yahoo and working seamlessly across multiple browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Explorer, and Opera. There is no need for your designer to have to hand-code to account for different browsers’ eccentricities. Browser compatibility is hard-wired into the platform, which makes the entire design and builds process a whole lot faster, easier and less expensive
  12. Specialist WP development doesn’t cost any more than developing on any other platform. Quite the opposite. WordPress developers like us have all the basics to hand thanks to WordPress, there’s no need to start from scratch everytime. It’s easily customisable, and the back end is so simple that anyone who’s the least bit computer-savvy can use it with ease
  13. No hand coding? That’s a good thing. You don’t need to spend all your time coding by hand to be a ‘proper’ developer. That’s just crazy talk. Every decent developer is fluent in HTML and CSS. Most can figure out the intricacies of JavaScript and JQuery. WordPress developers also know PHP and SQL as well as specific WP coding and architecture. As such they often know more code than ordinary bods. The difference is they don’t need to start every web design job from scratch. They tap into a thoroughly tested, proven, widely used, intelligently coded and extremely popular framework which has done most of the hard work for them

WordPress development – It’s works

WordPress is so good that it’s a bit crazy not to harness its considerable powers to the advantage of your business. If all this sounds sensible to you and you’re ready to take the plunge, we’re your top Oxford WordPress development firm, and we work with businesses across the country and internationally. Let’s chat.