Working with a remote website design and development team has its advantages and downsides. What happens, for example, when the brand guy lives Down Under, making it impossible to hook up with a British web design client face to face? On the other hand some of the planet’s finest creative teams work remotely and do a superb job for their clients. Here’s our take on remote teamwork.

About working with a remote team

Remote working means an agency has access to the finest creative and marketing talent in the world, not just great people who happen to live locally. It’s an internet thing – while the home-working revolution everyone predicted hasn’t really happened, remote working has taken off like a rocket thanks to the myriad communications choices we have on tap these days.

Add the latest tech, which ‘projects a real-time, wholly lifelike hologram of a presenter or speaker onto a stage in multiple cities at once, and you can see why remote working is moving ahead in leaps and bounds.

If you’ve ever been employed by a business operating across more than one floor of a building, you’ll know how challenging it is to keep things together when you’re a few feet apart, never mind remotely. But in our experience we tend to talk much more frequently to our people via Skype than we ever would if they worked just down the corridor. Weird, that. But we’re not alone. It’s the way things have been going for some time, and it’s unlikely to change.

Adding an extra dimension to web design projects

We believe it adds an extra dimension to a web design project when we actually get to meet the client face to face. It’s a human thing. That intimate, face to face level of interaction can’t be reproduced by Skype or any other tech… so far. Meeting people in the flesh does tend to make things much easier and quicker.

On the other hand our clients rarely if ever need to meet our developers and designers in person. Some things haven’t changed – if you were around before the internet you’ll have met your agency Account Manager face to face but the designers and media buyers would have stayed in the background.

The same goes for copywriters. In the same way as you wouldn’t have met your copywriter in person pre-the web, clients and copywriters don’t usually collide today.

The internet is mature enough, these days, so that most of the people involved in marketing and design agency work are perfectly happy working from a decent written brief. And many prefer to work alone without any client-facing commitments. It works beautifully… as long as the planning and strategy side of things is tackled in enough detail, everyone should have everything they need to do a top class job.

What about us – do we work remotely?

Because we’re members of the remote team working on the Avada WordPress theme, we know exactly how to harness remote working to its best advantage. And we work with plenty of clients we’ll probably never meet in person. It’s the way our world works.

We prefer the best of both worlds. If you’re looking for that all-important face-to-face time, our core team is local, based in Oxford and available for meetings. But we also have a wide international network of leaders in their field that we call on whenever they’re needed. In our experience it’s the perfect balance. Our clients think so, too.