We have worked closely with the Chambers team since we opened our doors. We look after their entire online presence and intimately involved with some their highest profile clients. It’s fair to say they are among our favourite clients. In 2016, they decided it was time to refresh the design of their website. Chambers Management is a high profile comedy and entertainment agency, run by one of the biggest names in the comedy industry, Hannah Chambers.


We wanted to make the company’s comedians, writers, and performers the stars of the show. We created a gallery on the home page so people could instantly see which artists the agency represents. We also developed a profile page for every artist, accessible via the home page, which provides extra information about the artists via a single click. We were also conscious that the website would mainly be used by visitors on smartphones and tablets, so we adopted a mobile-first approach. We then ran an entirely collaboratively process, as if we were their internal web and marketing department.


The site continues to set the gold-standard for entertainment agencies. We’ve continue to work with Chambers Management to design and develop the online presences of many of their household name comedians. Our strategic support has included ongoing social media monitoring, management, e-marketing campaign design, and execution. We’re there to make sure everything looks great, functions perfectly and stays up to date.