A legal recruitment arm of the Chambers & Partners brand based out of Holborn in central London came to us with a website that had not been updated in 10 years.

They needed an modern CMS package to post up their recent jobs and publish content online to advertise their brand and generate leads for placing both candidates and get new employers on their books.

Their current logo was also in need of a revamp to fall inline with the other arms of the Chambers brand portfolio.


We worked closely with the team at Chambers to establish the tone and style that they wanted to convey on the site, which was clear from the outset needed to be one of a corporate and professional tone.

This led to colour palette and font decision sessions followed by a set of wireframes that we later developed into the working website we see today.


The team at Chambers Recruitment are left light-years away from where they were when we first met them and we love working with the team at Chambers.

They are left with a modern CMS package which is completely managed in-house by them for them. They are delighted with their end product with the branding chosen for their website filtering across all their printed material also.