When the guys from Hoops came to us asking for an online presence for their new pop-up Coffee & Donuts shop in Banbury, we could not wait to get started.

They wanted to create a responsive, simple, clean, eye-catching website to showcase their stylish branding created by our friends at Mark-Making. They wanted to reflect the way the shop was going to look online and make sure that there was a synergy between the physical and online experience.

The primary challenge was that imagery was few and far between due to the business not being up and running yet, so we had to use the colour palette in a clever way to make the site reflect the vibrant, fun and family-friendly atmosphere of the Hoops brand.


Mood board and wire-framing sessions with the team from Hoops gave us a clear idea of what they were after and the size of the site they were after. They were very clear about what they did not like which in many ways provides a strong sense of direction, in and of itself.

As the pictures from the shop became more and more available, the designs came together almost in parallel with the bricks and mortar being laid.


They had the ability to promote the site before the shop was open and trading in Banbury. We had a hard deadline of launch day, and we beat it. This gave them the opportunity to promote their brand online through all social media streams and in the local press without actually having any boots on the ground.

The day that hoops opened, they had an online presence reflecting the look & feel of the shop with clear user journeys informing the users of what they were, who they were and what they did.

Hoops have enjoyed a great start to their life in the pop-up food industry and assure us it could not have been done without the help of our team here at Mass Impressions.