Comedian Jack Whitehall came to us asking us to create a cool, irreverent new website and manage the roll out of the fresh ‘look and feel’ across all social channels, Jack’s website, posters and merchandise.

Jack was not only after a website he also wanted his digital brand refreshed with a new logo to go along with a new website.


We wanted to establish a consistent visual identity for Jack, an integrated and easily recognisable personal brand and product range. So we created a cool, striking logo and a bold colour palette that could easily be replicated across multiple media as well as merchandise.

We designed and built Jack’s official website to reflect his personality and showmanship. This included a completely bespoke design plus a range of social media plug-ins to let fans like content, share it and sign up to his mailing list.


We’ve worked with Jack since he was 17, helping him achieve a staggering 5 million Twitter followers and clock up over 1 million Likes on Facebook. We continue to manage all aspects of his online and social presence.

With our help and support, for the third year in a row, Jack was crowned King of Comedy at the British Comedy Awards. It was a remarkable achievement and were just as chuffed about it as he was. Jack’s career continues it’s upwards trajectory and we’re excited to play a small part in his ongoing success.