Noel Gay, a highly regarded talent agency based out of London were stuck in an awkward, cumbersome and outdated Joomla site when they approached us.

They wanted a responsive & modern design sitting on top of a quality CMS package including the ability to search their site with advanced features like filtering results. They also required training for in-house staff once the site had gone live.

Their site had to showcase the talent they had on offer but also had to position them well in the London Talent Agency marketplace. In and around central London the competition is high, so their site had to have a design that allowed them to stand out from the rest.


We worked alongside their in-house team to build out their requirements on a functional and non-functional level. It was important to establish what they were after from style point of view but also how they wanted their site to work.

Multiple workshops were run to wireframe each of the pages that were needed to simplify what they already had, including a site mapping session with post-its on the wall, mood board session and a lo-fi prototyping stage which eventually became the wireframes the design team worked from to create a final look and feel.


Since going live, the team at Noel Gay are now left with a system that they can update, maintain and expand when necessary through the customised version of WordPress we developed for them.

They have a responsive website that works across all screen sizes, operating systems and models of mobile technology. This puts them right at the forefront of the London talent agency market.

We spent a few days with the team at Noel Gay, which left them with a fully trained in-house team that can all manage the website without any trouble. This in itself has saved their team hours in wages and lowered stress levels!